Bakeries and Wicker Baskets: A Tasty Match

Bakeries and Wicker Baskets: A Tasty Match

Baskets. They’ve been around for centuries. No one actually knows how long civilization has been making baskets – and using them – but historians note that traces of baskets have been found at the Egyptian pyramids and many other ancient sites.

wicker basketThe earliest baskets were probably made of tree limbs, vines, and leaves, and each culture had a unique way of making their individual baskets.  Indeed, baskets were also a necessity and held everything from fruit and nuts to newborn babies.

Today, we employ them for some of the same purposes though we also use them as decoration.  Baskets can hold beautiful flowers and other colorful items or might add something special to our dinner tables as well.

Many stores use wicker baskets to display their wares. You can put just about anything in a basket!  Furthermore, baskets look “homey” and tend to add a bit of a vintage feel to your space.

Wicker Baskets Perfect For Bakeries

Bakeries – or bakery departments of large stores – are major users of wicker baskets.  Such receptacles are ideal for loose items such as individual loaves of bread, rolls/buns, and similar tasty items.  Not only do they look attractive but they tend to be quite affordable.

In addition, they can be arranged in a variety of ways, either free-standing or perched on a stand meant to accommodate several baskets at a time.  Wicker, of course, is a wonderful sturdy material. Centuries of civilizations have recognized that fact, using the material – made from woven vines – for so many different purposes.

These days, however, science has given us a material known as poly-wicker, which gives a whole new life span to frequently- used baskets.  Poly-wicker baskets are ideal for bakeries and other high-traffic uses.

What makes them the perfect choice is the fact that they are dishwasher safe!  Can you imagine putting your old wicker baskets in the dishwasher?

Obviously, you wouldn’t, but what happens when your traditional baskets get old and dirty?  You most likely dispose of them and purchase new ones. However, with poly-wicker, you can expect to get multiple years of use from your baskets.

Stores and customers alike worry about cleanliness. With these bakery baskets, keeping things sanitary is never a problem.  They can be placed in a commercial dishwasher for easy cleaning or may be cleaned manually with soap and water.

In addition, most are also microwaveable and freezer-safe, making them perfect for all sorts of different uses.  Poly-wicker baskets come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and even several different colors.

Most supermarket bakeries place them side by side and fill them with all sorts of delights.  Smaller ones can be used in upright display cases while the larger ones may sit on the floor or on some other sort of rack.

Ask your shop fitter to provide you with some photos of these convenient-to-use poly-wicker baskets for your bakery or bakery department.  He/she should be able to offer a long list of options including different styles and price ranges to fit your needs and budget.

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