Supermarket Aisle Signs

Supermarket Aisle Signs

If you own or manage a supermarket, you know how important signage is to your business. Customers depend on signs from the moment they step into your store until they head to the check-out counters, pack up their groceries, and exit to their cars. Signs tell them what they need to know including where to find certain items, what’s on sale, and much more. So, naturally, those who run a supermarket should expect to invest a fair amount of money on signage.

Supermarket Aisle Signs Help Navigate

Supermarket aisle signs Supermarket aisle signs are probably the most important and most used signs in the market. They help customers navigate the store and lead them to the products they seek. Good supermarket aisle signs make any shopping trip easier.

The most important detail about aisle signs is that they should be easily readable. There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into a store and not being able to decipher the aisle signs, either because the printing is too small or because the font is hard to read.

Supermarket signs that advertise what’s on each aisle needn’t be fancy if you’re on a budget. Simple placards on a stand that attaches to shelves are suitable for smaller markets or other kinds of stores such as drug stores, hardware stores, or gift shops. However, for large supermarkets, big box stores, or office supply stores, the most viable solution is usually a large sign on each aisle, hanging from the ceiling. Some stores that are particularly large will require more than one sign per aisle.

Aisle signs can be quite elaborate, if desired. Some stores include some sort of graphic on each aisle sign along with the number of the aisle and examples of items found on those aisles. Often, the graphic is the logo for that particular store.

Supermarket aisle signs, in most cases, should be double-sided. This way, they can be read from either end of the aisle. The print should be large so that customers of all ages and vision levels can read it with ease. Many supermarkets and other similar stores often opt for black printing on a white background for their aisle signs but white printing on a dark background also works well and is easy to read. Block letters or another very simple font is ideal but if you insist on using something a little fancier, choose a script that’s easy to decipher and not too ornate.

Aisle signs are available in all shapes or sizes as well. You might opt for something square, rectangular, or otherwise traditional, but if you’re outfitting a store with a particularly interesting décor, ask your shop fitter to recommend something that complements your theme. Supermarket aisle signs can be custom made to your specifications so feel free to do something out of the box, as long as the signs are still easy to read.

Remember, you may have to change your signs every now and then, so choose a sign hanging system that’s easy to use, making changes as seamless as possible. Ask your shop fitting specialist to recommend the system that’s the best for your supermarket or other retail establishment.

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