Saving Money by Sourcing Your Retail Fitout

Saving Money by Sourcing Your Retail Fitout

Saving Money by Sourcing Your Retail Fitout

Not every retail owner has a huge budget for their retail fitout, especially those who are just starting out and forming a new business. It’s often unrealistic to expect that a new business owner – or even one who’s been in business for a while – has unlimited funds to be used for kick-starting their project, be it a brand new venture or a renovation.

sourcing retail fitoutSo, it’s no doubt that many owners are looking for ways to save money when it comes to fitting out their establishment.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that they don’t want their project to look fresh and enticing. Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean the same thing as “cheap” and there are indeed ways to save money on a fitout project without resorting to the purchase of displays and other items that look used or appear inexpensive.

One of those ways is to purchase the joinery you need from overseas, including countries such as China, where you’ll be able save significant dollars yet can expect an attractive product.

There are a few different ways to handle this sizeable savings, but much of the result depends on choosing the right shop fitter to work with you as you tackle this project.

1. Consult with your shop fitter about sourcing options. A reputable, experienced fit out company most likely has connections with one or more companies overseas and is familiar with their work and its quality. This means your shop fitting professional can do all the ordering for you.

This provides peace of mind and you can be sure they’ll be no surprises as a good shop fitter will only use reputable companies for outsourcing. Ask for catalogs that show available pieces and, even better, ask your fit out specialist if he/she has any pieces available for you to see in person.

This assures that you’ll be pleased with the work of the company you choose and, again, that you won’t be surprised with something not up to your standards. Once the pieces come to you in a container, your shop fitter will also be available to assemble (where needed) and install your pieces in the design you seek.

2. If it works better with your budget, you can have your shop fitter draw up a design and order what you need from overseas and you can do the installation yourself. Or, you can do the opposite – order the pieces on your own and then have the shop fitting professionals install them when they arrive.

In either scenario, you’ll be saving money on at least one step of the process, be it ordering or installing.  Talk to your shop fitter about a package that includes a custom design of your fit out, sourced materials from overseas, and installation. Compare that to a package that includes joinery made on site and you’ll no doubt recognise a significant savings. Be sure to inquire as to time needed for acquiring the offshore materials, which may take longer than making them locally. Often, however, the extra time is a reasonable trade-off for the money saved.


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