Snap Frames Ideal for Displaying Important Info

Snap Frames Ideal for Displaying Important Info

All sorts of retail establishments hang items on their walls. Wall décor might include everything from works of art to certificates, headlines, articles, photographs, brochures, and more. Each thing hanging on the wall is deemed important by the person that put it there, so it’s necessary to keep those items in a frame that will protect it from wear and tear and keep it safe.

snap frames shopYou can spend a lot of money on frames…if you’re not careful. Walk into any arts and crafts store and you’ll notice that frames are often quite costly, especially if you need a frame that’s an uncommon size.

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You’ll certainly find less expensive frames at these shops as well, but you might be wondering about their strength and durability and whether or not they’ll stand up to all the traffic in your establishment.

The Snap Frames Solution

snap frames pictureA good solution for all of your framing needs are so-called snap frames. As the name suggests, these frames use a sturdy snapping mechanism that’s easy to use, allowing you or your staff to efficiently load them and/or make changes to whatever’s inside the frame. The spring-loaded mechanism snaps back into place once the paper/photo inside has been inserted or changed.

Snap frames are available in a wide range of sizes and materials so you can choose the ones that are best for your framing needs. You’ll find just about every color you seek, from wood tones and silver or gold to bright, bold hues that help your photos or documents stand out when hung on a wall or other surface.

Some include very narrow borders while others are quite wide and look very elegant. Others are double sided. Some are sized to accommodate very small graphics while others are large enough for items such as movie posters.

Snap frames generally include a coated lens that protects graphics and keeps them from yellowing. This type of glass also helps to eliminate glare. It’s extra strong and not likely to break unless mishandled in some way.

There are also snap frames that can be locked to avoid tampering. These are ideal for frames that are extremely accessible to the public, including outdoor frames for posters, menus, and other similar items. As with the indoor frames, outdoor-appropriate frames are also available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and colors.

Your shop fitter can assist you in the purchase of the snap frames that you’ll need for your establishment. Call 03 9794 1000

However, you might want to wait to make this particular purchase until all your fixtures are in place so you can gauge the amount of wall space you have available for hanging pictures, art work, and informational materials. Keep extra frames around in case of breakage and remember to train your staff to properly load and re-load these snap frames.

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