Small Retail Space Design With Mills

Small Retail Space Design With Mills

So, you’re starting a bricks-and-mortar business but can’t afford a very large space. That’s okay! That’s the way many retailers get their start…and then they grow. But small retail spaces certainly can be tricky when it comes to design ideas and you may be stumped as to how to make your space look larger and more welcoming than it is.

Small Retail Space DesignThat’s where an experienced small retail space design expert can help you make the most of your tiny store.  Here, we’ll get you off to a good start with some ideas to get you thinking about what might work for your space.

Avoid a cluttered look

It’s possible to display plenty of merchandise without making your space appear cluttered. To do that, you’ll need to choose the right display pieces and stick with neutral colors such as whites, grays, and ivories. Make sure accent pieces are small as well, and use those to add some color.

Also, don’t place merchandise too close together or customers won’t be able to move about. It’s okay, for example, to display one piece of clothing in one size on your racks and indicate that other sizes are available upon request.

Don’t limit yourself to shelving

Sometimes, cumbersome shelving just doesn’t work for smaller spaces. You’ll need to be a little more creative with your display pieces. Vintage stores can use pieces like old headboards or urban chic shops can use pipes suspended from the ceilings to hang clothing or other items.

Costume jewelry can be hung from corkboards rather than displayed in a case. The possibilities are endless! Your shop fitter can help you find clever pieces that are right for your shop.

Think vertically rather than horizontally

Rather than everything being straight across at one level, hang things at different levels on the walls. For example, single shelves of different lengths can be placed at varying heights. This not only provides more space but is also visually appealing. Vary the shelving as well. Not all pieces have to match.

Use color wisely

By using the technique of creating a so-called “accent wall” you can make your space look much bigger than it actually is. Choose the right color and you can also make it look brighter. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done with paint. You can also choose wallpaper in interesting colors or textures. How you choose to create the accent wall will depend on the rest of your design, but make it eye-catching.

Keep it light!

Lighting is always important, regardless of the size of your store. Unfortunately, small spaces are often plagued with small windows and, hence, poor natural light. So, you’ll want to be sure that all corners of your space are well lit. That may mean using not only some sort of overhead lighting – like track or “pot” lights – but also some single pieces like lamps or perhaps a sconce or two.

Stumped by your small retail space?

Ask your design team to provide you with ideas to make the most of your new or existing business!

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