Sign Design – From Design to Display

Sign Design – From Design to Display

Sign design is an important part of your business…or any business. No matter what you sell or offer – be it products or a service – a sign not only provides your name but gives the customer a little insight as to what you do and perhaps even how you do it.

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Signs should match your vibe. They might also give direction, make announcements, and let your customers know where to find the best deal. They appear inside your establishment and outside as well. You might even plaster them on your fleet of trucks or vans or use them to advertise your establishment in public places.

Taking your Signs from Design to Display

So when it comes to deciding what your signs will look like and what purpose they will serve, it’s important to employ the services of a signage company for your sign design, that will guide you all the way from design to display. Beginning to end. Concept to conclusion.

When interviewing companies that handle signage, you want to choose one that employs a host of in-house designers that will dedicate themselves to your project. If you have a choice of designers, interview each if possible and choose the one that has the most experience in the type of signage you desire – traditional, 3D, graphic, digital signage, industrial, etc. Ask to see samples that are similar to the signage you seek.

Got ideas for your own signs? If so, be sure to work with a designer who is open to your ideas and willing to work with you to craft signs that are to your liking and incorporate your ideas yet are infused with the ideas and expertise of the designer. Be willing to let go of the reins a little and be open to new and different ideas for your signage.

Once you’ve decided on a sign design or designs, be sure that the print process used for your design will provide a high-quality product. Again, don’t hesitate to ask your sign maker for samples that you can inspect for clarity and durability. Remember, some of your signs – particularly those that will be outside or in high traffic areas – will have to withstand harsh environments, so make sure the process used, as well as the materials, are appropriate for what you seek.

In House Sign Design From Concept to Production

A signage company that offers in-house fabricating and finishing services is especially useful. These services include routing, laminating, scoring, creasing, die cutting, assemble, spray painting, and flow wrapping. Such a list of services will save you both time and money if they are accomplished all at one site.

The same fit out company that will be making your custom signs might also offer other simple signage that you’ll need including instant signs such as self-adhesive numerals and letters, entrance and exit signs, directional signs, safety signs for your trucks, and more. Ask your shop fitter to show you what’s available for quick purchase.

Lastly, look for a signage company that also offers installation services. Such a one-stop-shop will save you time and money on this all-important aspect of your business and take you from design to display with relatively little hassle.

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