Shopfitting With Mills Styrox

Shopfitting With Mills Styrox

Think about your favorite retail store. What makes it attractive? What stimulates you to make purchases when you visit? What titillates your senses when you walk through the door?

Chances are that the store’s appearance – in particular, the way the items are displayed – has a lot to do with your buying impulses and the buying habits of others that enter that particular retail establishment.

shopfitting with mills displayYou may not even realize it, but the way items for purchase are portrayed to the buyer has a lot to do with the success of any retail location. Displays are a non-verbal way to communicate with shoppers and what a retailer “says” can go a long way towards success or failure.

This is where the design genius of the quality shopfitter enters the picture. Shopfitting, quite simply, is the art of designing a pleasing layout for retail establishments, including display fixtures, furniture, signage, and more, with the intent of not only attracting shoppers but also providing them with a comfortable shopping experience.

It takes someone with a sense of style, a panache for design, and a well-trained eye to draft and implement such a plan for a store of any size, from the smallest neighbourhood shop to large department stores or food markets.

Look for Diversity of Skills

A company that specialises in shopfitting should offer a variety of options and services. When searching for a reputable shop fitter, be sure that their experience stretches across a wide variety of product categories – including the area in which you specialise. For example, if you own a food market or deli, you don’t want to choose a company that has only designed and built displays for electronics retailers.

If your shop offers the latest in fashions, for example, you’ll want to determine whether or not your potential shopfitter is knowledgeable about clothing trends and branding.

Be sure to request samples of designs drafted for other clients and, whenever possible, make a visit to a location fitted by the company you are considering. Remember, the way you display your items often means the difference between a great sale and a mediocre sale…or no sale at all.

Your chosen shop fitter should be more than just a one-man-show. A good shopfitting company should employ a variety of specialists including those who not only excel in design but others who are also top-notch and reliable project managers and logistics experts. Also look for companies that employ experienced tradespeople onsite, adept at providing an attractive final product for your displays.

Shopfitting With Mills Styrox

shopfitting with mills styroxA company that specialises in shopfitting should do more than just design and build cases, shelves, and other display units. A high-quality shop fitter can also assist with other services, such as signage. The proper signage provides customers with a more flawless shopping experience. This is done through the use of a variety of signage options such as those offered by shop fitters with extensive experience in signs and branding.

Diverse shopfitting companies can also help with issues such as theft prevention by providing devices that deter shoplifters. These days, theft prevention devices are unfortunate but necessary items for many retail store owners who want to be sure to protect their profits, which can be diversely affected by thieves.

Collaborative Retail Design

When meeting with a shopfitter, you’ll no doubt be filled with ideas for your store, especially if this is a new endeavour or you’re looking to freshen up a space that’s become old and tired. It’s certainly okay to bring those ideas to your chosen shop fitting expert, but do take time to listen to his/her suggestions as well.

Professionals with a considerable amount of experience in shopfitting can offer ideas that are up-to-date, easy-to-navigate, and that will provide a pleasant shopping experience for your customers while offering the look you’ve always wanted. A creative shop fitter can also work to incorporate your style goals while offering ideas that are suitable for your space and within your budget.

Don’t hesitate to request multiple meetings with your shopfitting experts. These should include an initial consultation as well as subsequent meetings with different members of the shopfitting team. Some may occur off-premises while others will happen within the space to be fitted.

Furthermore, be sure that you maintain copies of all plans and ask for all details – including prices and time estimates for work completion – in writing. A reputable shopfitter will have no problem providing you with those items and an accurate accounting of all that is to be done for your project.  Shopfitting with Mills Styrox provides a headache free experience.

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