Shopfitting for the Hospitality Industry

Shopfitting for the Hospitality Industry

These days, when travelers search for a hotel or inn for a holiday stay, they hope they’ll find one that includes breakfast and maybe afternoon tea as part of the package. Hotels that include a free breakfast are popular with tourists, especially those traveling with a family. It saves money and is ultra-convenient as there’s no need to exit the lodging in order to enjoy the morning meal.

Shopfitting for the Hospitality Industry food presentation containersIf you own a holiday lodge or hotel, perhaps you already serve breakfast or are thinking of adding it to your offerings. That’s great! Of course, you’ll need all the right tools to make the morning meal a success, including all the serving items necessary for a successful start to the day. You’ll want your serving pieces to be both functional and attractive so that the food looks attractive while staying fresh, both in appearance and taste.

So what will you need? When shopfitting for the hospitality industry, start with the simple items such as bowls, plates, and trays. Consider items fashioned from melamine, an extra sturdy material that holds up to plenty of abuse and lots of wear and tear. Melamine items come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors, though black or white is usually the standard. Lids are available for many of the bowls, plates, or trays, and you might even find some with fancy scalloped edges or other decoration.

Other materials besides melamine include polycarbonate, or S.A.N. acrylic.

You may also want to purchase some other display items for your hospitality needs. For example, you might choose small barrel-type bowls for displaying certain items, or may require pedestal stands for cakes, pastries, muffins, or similar offerings. Also look for domes or raised covers to protect the foods from germs. Covers will also keep items fresh for a longer period of time.

Baskets are also a viable option for food display and are popular for bakery items but can be used to hold napkins and silverware and other necessities as well. Baskets also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including some that fit into a stand or other holder. Baskets aren’t necessarily made of only wicker. They are also fashioned from other materials that look like wicker but are sturdier and will stand up to constant use.

You’ll likely also require metalware such as trays and platters. Some will be used for cold items while others will be needed in order to serve hot food. You can find metalware in a variety of price ranges to fit your needs and budget.

Finally, don’t forget the small things your customers will need for serving such as spoons, tongs, forks, and so forth. You’ll also want to include preparation items in your order, such as quality knives and cutting boards.

If this is your first hospitality endeavour, contact your shop fitter for more information on the items available to you. He’ll help you choose those that are ideal for your location and for the scenario you have in mind.

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