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Reduce Produce Spoilage with Banana Foam

by daniel

In fresh produce, spoilage rates can present the largest single cost of goods, exceeding labour and even freight. Bananas, the most the popular produce item across Australia, are particularly prone to spoilage. Fast ripening bananas are one of the most visible and noticeable (in terms of smell) of fruits on display, therefore any initiative which can reduce spoiling will have substantial benefits for the retailer. Our new anti-bacterial foam risers have been calculated to reduce spoilage by up to 9%! They work by first providing a softer, more flexible surface than traditional plastic risers, contouring to the banana's shape. However, what many retailers may not know is that spoilage is also accelerated by the by the bacteria which remains on a riser after a rotting item is removed. The anti-bacterial nature of our foam alleviates that problem, resulting in enormous benefits in terms of reduced spoilage, better presentation, better quality of produce and more pleasant fragrances. Call our office in your state or your Mills Account Manager for samples and to find out more.

This article was published on Friday 22 February, 2013.
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