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Making the product the feature of Point of Purchase Displays

by daniel

Too often in a bid for a stand-out campaign, justified on the basis that the display's first goal is to be 'eye-catching', the product itself is lost in the execution. Whilst it's important that the Point of Sale Display designer is innovative and creative, it's unlikely that they will surpass the innovation and creativity that went into the actual product design. This is certainly true for technology or high value products, as distinct from products where design differentiation is restricted to the packaging. At the risk (no, the certainty!) of being cliche, Apple does this extremely well where their retail displays are all about the product, and there is no detraction whatsoever. (Case in point is the cylindrical piece of acrylic that displays the Ipads and Iphones in-store - no one could claim that they distract the shopper from the beauty of the products they support). As an example, we recently designed and manufactured a series of displays for niche technology products. The brief was to make the product the focus, while still communicating the relatively complex product information integral to buying decisions of these kinds of items. For further info or to find out we can enhance your product presentation or visual communication within your retail environment, contact Mills Display.

This article was published on Thursday 21 February, 2013.
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