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Eco-friendly Melamine Range

by daniel

Food service isn't what it used to be. Whilst chipped ceramics and gaudy plastic may have been acceptable in the past, modern food service products must achieve the difficult twin goals of making the food the main focus, whilst still being visually appealing and fresh in their own right. Delfin is North America's premier Food Service and Food Presentation manufacturer. Their products are renown for their durability, versatility and visually stimulating design. However, none are more so than their new EC Melamine range. EC Melamine items represent a concentrated movement towards a more environmentally sensitive option. By perfectly blending eco-friendly plant based fiber from Thailand and durable melamine compound designed for strength, this bowl offers a durable yet natural, earthen look. Beautiful colors, globally considerate, food grade tested EC Melamine items are part of the earth wise delfingreen line. Contact Mills Display for to see how you can boost your environmental credentials in a perceptible and attractive way.

This article was published on Friday 22 February, 2013.
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