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2012 POPAI Awards - Our Favourites

by Neil Webster

The annual POPAI awards for 2012 were held at a gala event in Sydney last week. This years awards saw the largest amount of entries from across the marketing at retail spectrum, with those from members and non-members being accepted for the first time. The result was an impressive array of entries for the judges to pick and choose from and below we have just highlighted some of our favourites. To be fair, this list could have been twice as long so a full list of the entrants, a description of the displays and the award winners can be found at Congratulations from us to all those who walked away with Indians. Corona Portable Bar by Active/Adval Corona's above the line tag is "From a place you'd rather be" and this display carries that message through perfectly. Even in the middle of a trade show hall, with no product to sell or display, it still felt like a place you would want to stand and have a chat Red Bull Formula

One Pit Stop – iCandy Creative

We've all been there, that mind numbingly boring task of filling up your car while staring at grime covered pictures of 2 for $5 chewing gum. So any display that turns that into an engaging experience is always going to be onto a winner. Life size pit crews, grid lines on the tarmac and quality POS all achieve that very well Target Denim Fit Stand – Sumo Visual Group


we highlighted the overwhelming emphasis on "its all about me" and this display does just that. Step in, get a full body scan and walk away with product suggestions to pick up and pay for. Goodbye change rooms, hello more time for me.

CUB Hot Spot Liquor Display – Advantage Line

A display and idea that gets it's brilliance from its simplicity. When your target customer is a bloke that would rather be barbecuing and watching footy than spending any time in the shops, this display means they are in and out without in no time. All the while while making sure the important stuff like location and pricing details are obvious. The sister product to this that does the same job in cool rooms is excellent too L'Oreal Colorburst Lip Butter Floor Stand – Pop This, Pop That

A display that does everything that it's meant to; highlight a new product using quality POS, position it as premium and make it easy to throw one in the shopping basket. Oral B Touch and Learn Stand – POP Impact

A display that is interactive and engaging in a supermarket environment is tough. This one gets everything right. Digital screens and being able to pick the product up and use it (not fully of course) make it stand out. Even incorporating the practical considerations of moving it with a pallet jack into the design were not overlooked. I overheard someone say "Oral B are the Apple of oral care". Can't add to that really Jack Daniel's Summertime Harley Promotion – id8 Studio

Being a perennial contender for awards is always harder than just winning one or two. The Jack Daniel's displays seem to be there every year and every year they are excellent in achieving their objectives so couldn't leave one off this list Once again, the full list with detailed descriptions is availiable at

This article was published on Wednesday 13 February, 2013.
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