Shop Fitting Design Issues to Consider

Shop Fitting Design Issues to Consider

So it’s time to think about what interesting shop fitting design elements you might want in your brand new shop and you’ve certainly got all sorts of ideas floating around in your head. You’ve probably thought about color scheme, styles to match your vibe, signs to attract your customers, and all sorts of other factors that you what to discuss with your shop fitter. That’s exciting!

While you’re free to be as creative as you like, there are some things you need to remember in order to keep your shop as customer-friendly as possible. Think about these items below as you put your store together.


Simply put, your customers should be able to move around with ease. Primarily, this refers to placement of racks, shelves, and other equipment. Items need to be placed in spots that allow a free-flow of traffic. Even if you’re fitting out a small store, everything should be placed so that customers aren’t dodging displays.

Second, ease of movement also relies on good signage. Signs tell your customers where to go, whether they’re looking for the fitting rooms, the toilets, the lifts, or a certain department. Signs should be prominent and easy to view from many places within the store. The goal is to allow shoppers to shop quickly if they so desire but even those who have time to stroll around at a leisurely pace should be well-accommodated.


While it’s fun to create “ambience” with unique lighting options, the fact remains that your customers will want to clearly see the items their purchasing. Ambience is good for a romantic restaurant, but in regards to in-store lighting, you should work with your shop fitter to see what’s best for your needs and those of your customer. That doesn’t mean it has to be all overhead fluorescent lights. You can certainly add unique touches and accent lighting, but just be sure that visibility is always good.

Color Scheme/Branding

While it seems a given that things like signage and color scheme should complement each other, that’s an important factor that’s sometimes forgotten. So, that means your display solutions should match your branding/color scheme and vice versa. If you’re signs feature modern bold letters in red, for example, your interior shouldn’t be done in shades of blue. Take all of that into consideration when discussing your design with your shop fitting team.


If you run a business that changes inventory fairly often, you’ll want to make sure that the whole act of changing that inventory can be done as easily as possible. That means choosing display solutions that are easily adaptable to those changes. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, you’ll want to make sure that when you change inventory for the seasons, your display solutions can accommodate the items for either season without too many changes and with minimal hassle.


This is a tricky one. Today’s shop-related technology, like digital signs and interactive displays, may be right for some stores but not others. Chances are that if you’re a small boutique with a vintage feel, you’re not going to buy into the technology craze. However, if you own a pharmacy, a market, or even a small department store, you may want to investigate the possibility of including some of the latest electronic trends as you design your store’s interior.

Remember, a good shop fitter knows his/her business well and can assist you in coming up with the right shop fitting design for your new store or re-fit. Take time to consult with your designer to create a plan you’ll love now and for years to come.

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