What to Expect from Your Shop Fitout Specialist

What to Expect from Your Shop Fitout Specialist

What to Expect from Your Shop Fitout Specialist

If you’ve landed here because you’re on the market for a shop fitout professional for your upcoming project – be it a retail space, office, hotel, restaurant, or other location – chances are you’ve still got some questions about just what a shopfitting specialist does and what you should look for when it’s time to hire one. shop fitout specialistWhat you do know, of course, is that you want a company that boasts a team that has in-depth knowledge of the profession and a huge range of capabilities that allow them to be with you every step of the way through this fitout project.

What Makes a Shop Fitout Specialist

Throughout our many years of service, we’ve found that there are a number of steps or items important to our clients so we’ve profiled those in the list below.

1. Consulting – Any high quality fitout project starts with plenty of consulting. Truly, a capable group of shopfitting professionals will need more than one consultation to grasp what’s needed to make the most of your real estate investment, no matter what kind of business. During a consultation, fitout specialists will look at more than just crafting a pretty design. They should consider things like energy savings, sustainability, and – of course – cost management.

2. Designing – For most owners needing a shopfitter’s expertise, this is the most exciting part of the project. It’s also the most exciting for the shop fitout specialist! The design process is when you have the opportunity to use your imagination and that of the designer, melded together to produce an amazing finished project. The shopfitter should be able to provide you with photos or in-person showings of previous designs that they’ve completed and will be open to suggestions while steering you in directions that are to your advantage.

3. Building your displays, etc.Companies that have on-site manufacturing capabilities and agreements with local manufacturing can provide swift service for your fitout. Ask about this when interviewing a shop fitting company.

4. Maintaining and supporting – Long after your project is complete, will your shopfitter help you maintain your facility, keeping it fresh and up-to-date when needed? Ask about long-term relationships with your shop fitout professionals. With continuing maintenance and support, you can be sure your space always looks like new.

When talking about all of the above issues, ask to speak to a variety of people on the shop fitout team. You might even consider touring their facility, especially it they have an in-house manufacturing area.

Once you select your team, a point person should be established. You should be able to contact that individual with any questions and they will respond with answers. Remember, sometimes it takes some time to gather those answers, so while being pro-active about your project, it’s also a good idea to be patient.

Your shopfitter should also be able to provide you with a timeline for your project, but things can go wrong and delays happen. Always ask for an explanation but also be understanding as to the challenges of putting together a top-notch fitout.

In the end, the final product should be one that makes everyone happy – including both you and the shop fitout professionals!

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