Integrating Technology into your Shop Fit Out Plans

Integrating Technology into your Shop Fit Out Plans

If you’re like most of us these days, you spend far more time “plugged in” than “unplugged”. A 2015 poll done by the folks at Nielsen concluded that the average Australian spends about 24 hours a week online, and that number tripled in just a few years’ time and is destined to do the same within the next two years.

Shop Fit Out PlansFurthermore, the average Australian household contains four or more internet-enabled devices, with everyone from little ones to seniors constantly surfing the ‘net or logged into social media.

So, as digital technology continues to grow, what are you doing as a shop owner to integrate this technology into your shop fit out plans?  Maybe you’ve already done everything you can to entice the avid internet user and enhance their shopping experience. Or maybe you’re just not sure in what direction to proceed or fear that adding technology will increase your costs greatly and adversely affect your bottom line.

That’s not necessarily true. While integrating digital technology into your shop fit out plans might cost you some additional dollars at first, in the long run the chances are that it’ll only help your business…and possibly help it quite a bit.

Consider these simple ways to get started:

Free Wi-Fi

This is by far the easiest technology to provide to your customers and it accomplishes one really important thing – it entices shoppers to linger in your establishment for a longer time. And we all know what happens when a customer stays put for a while…they spend more money!

You can also take advantage of Wi-Fi technology to send push notifications to your shoppers while they peruse your offerings. That may annoy a few shoppers, but most say that they enjoy such notifications while they’re shopping as it leads them towards taking advantage of sales and other good deals.

Digital Window Displays and Signs

Another simple way to get into the digital technology swing is by ditching the standard old mannequins and other boring displays and going with something more up-to-date.

Eye-catching digital screen displays are fun and much more interesting than window displays of old. Such displays serve to increase your foot traffic, and it’s also much easier to make changes. You just download new video or images and – poof! – you’ve changed your entire window display(s).

A shop fitter who is well-versed in digital signage can help you find the tools you’ll need to make digital window signs and displays part of your store’s new image.

Institute Pre-ordering

Many stores, particular larger retailers, have established online systems that allow shoppers to order in-stock products before they arrive and to then pick them up in the store. That’s all good for increasing sales, but you can enhance sales even further by organizing your fit out in a way that allows customers to walk through certain parts of the store to collect their online order.

It isn’t unusual for customers to spend a little extra when picking up, surveys show, and if you also organize POS displays near the pick-up area, you’re likely to increase sales even more.

Ask your shop fitter about arranging your “click and collect” area so that customers will be enticed to make additional purchases before they exit the store.

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