Good Shelf Management Leads to Increased Sales

Good Shelf Management Leads to Increased Sales

Good Shelf Management Leads to Increased Sales

Have you ever walked into a store with messy shelves? We all have. Honestly, it’s not a very appealing sight. It not only looks unattractive but, ever more importantly, disorganization makes it hard to find the merchandise you seek. Chances are you’ll walk out without purchasing anything or – at least – you most likely won’t buy all the things you had intended to buy when you entered the store. Furthermore, you probably won’t return.

Shelf Management Leads to Increased Profit

A savvy shop owner understands just how important it is to keep things tidy, and that means choosing shelf management solutions that keep your products where they should be. Shopfitters who are experienced in setting up stores of a variety of types should be able to offer an assortment of shelf management products for consideration.

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Dividers are the simplest way to keep shelves in order. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for any number of products, from small health and beauty items to much larger products. Dividers can be made of a variety of materials as well, and shop fitters can suggest those that fit not only the style of your store and your space needs but also your budget. But for many, dividers are just the first step towards keeping inventory neat and in line.

“Pushers” can also be essential to good shelf management. A pusher literally pushes products forward when the one in front is removed. With pushers in place, shelves always look like they are fully stocked. This spring-loaded system provides a uniform look wherever it is used and products are always within easy reach of the customer.

Similarly, a “gravity” system offers shelf management solutions that allow products to slide forward when the one at the front of the line is removed for purchase. This is achieved by using a system that slants towards the front of the shelf. As with pushers, gravity systems eliminate the need to reach in the back of the shelf in order for customers to retrieve the desired purchase. Even if only one or two of a particular item remains, they are easy to find when gravity shelf systems are in place.

As you prepare to set up your store, carefully review all types of products you plan to carry with your shopfitter. In turn, he or she should be able to offer the most appropriate solution for each kind of shelf management display. These may also include loss prevention devices that control inventory and eliminate sweeps by thieves who are intent on stealing large quantities of a particular item.

Don’t be hesitant to discuss your budget with your design professional. Some shelf management systems will be more expensive than others, but shop fitters who are well-versed in the field of merchandising should be able to offer you options at a variety of price points and in many different styles.

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