Secure Retail Systems a Must for Shop Owners

Secure Retail Systems a Must for Shop Owners

Shoplifters have been around for centuries. From the child who steals a candy bar to the adult who pilfers high-end electronics, shoplifting is a fact of life. In days of old, deterring shoplifters took an eagle eye and some diligent shopkeepers or employees who’d keep a look out for those suspicious-looking customers who seemed to be spending too much time in the store and not buying anything.

modern secure retail systemsThese days, however, there are much more sophisticated ways to keep your inventory from disappearing at the hands of a crook by using modern secure retail systems.

Secure Hanging Systems

The term “secure hanging system” usually indicates hooks that hang on a wall or on some sort of backing such as slatwall or pegboard. These hooks are of the “anti-sweep” variety, which means that they deter thieves from “sweeping” a particular product. Sweeping is a popular technique among shoplifters and involves them stealing multiples of the same item from the same look.

This is usually done with small items such as batteries, razors, or even pocket electronics.

Anti-sweep hooks prevent this by allowing the dispensing of only one item at a time. It’s a great anti-theft solution but still allows for ease of use for the customer. It doesn’t involve any locks or keys so it’s still self-service, however, thieves can’t sweep and run. There’s also a mechanical audible alert attached that provides an extra safeguard.

Secure Shelf Systems

Shelf systems that protect you from shoplifters include the Power Zone© Trak System ™ which allows you to enjoy the versatility of single track placement for product displays and non-perforated shelving. Users love this system because it works on any flat surface. Pushers dispense single items while products stay up front and always visible to customers. However, thieves can’t sweep the entire inventory at once.

The tracks are made of high-impact plastic and the springs are made of sturdy stainless steel for durability.

There’s a similar zigzag merchandising unit available that increases merchandising space with its unique design. Customers can view merchandise from any angle with this zigzag system, though it technically functions the same way as the traditional Power Zone Trak System. Floating dividers allow you to accommodate packages of different sizes. These are ideal for razors and other health and beauty items.

Secure Systems for Single Items

Some anti-theft contraptions are designed to accommodate single items that you wish to protect from shoplifters. These include systems like the Capsure™ bottle safer, which is ideal for placing on high-priced wines, champagne, and other libations. It includes a patented dual locking system, a safeguard that can be easily removed by the store clerk with the correct tools.

Also look for tag locks, security wraps, and security frames. The latter are ideal for CDs and DVDs and, again, are easily removable at check-out. For maximum safeguarding, choose the security box, available in a variety of shapes and sizes and perfect for everything from infant formula to cellular phones. These boxes are a worthwhile investment in your company’s bottom line.

For more information on secure systems for your shop, talk to your shop fitter, who can recommend the right items for your needs and budget.


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