Saving Dollars on your Store Fit Out

Saving Dollars on your Store Fit Out

A good shop fit out costs a fair amount of money. That’s the truth. Anyone who thinks they’re going to dive into designing their store for just pennies on the dollar is mistaken, especially if they want to design a pleasant spot that’s attractive to their customers.

Store Fit OutThat doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t ways to save money and cut costs here and there. Of course, a quality shop fitter who’s been in the business for a long time can certainly help with that. However, there are also a few rules you can follow on your own that will allow you to keep your fit out costs in check.

1. Set a reasonable timeline – We live in a world where – as the song says – “We want it all, we want it NOW.” As shopfitting goes, that’s not a good adage by which to live. As you begin the project, talk with your design team and set a REALISTIC timeline that works for you and everyone else involved. Remember, that your project likely isn’t the only one your fit out company is tackling right now, so you’ll need to be reasonable with your expectations. Of course, if this timeline is set at the beginning, you’ll know what to expect at the onset. Remember, however, the faster you want it done, the more it’ll cost you, so consider that as you set your goals for completion.

2. Shop for quotes – The first shop fitter you interview may not be the right one for you and you may find a better price with another. Same goes for suppliers of the equipment you require for your place of business. While it seems it should go without saying, not everyone shops for quotes. Often, new shop owners in particular are so enamored with the idea of setting up their business that they take the first quotes they’re given. Always shop around and you’ll definitely find some hidden savings.

3. Avoid drastic changes – One thing that gets shop owners in trouble cost-wise is changing their plans after they’re established and after the proverbial ball is rolling. If you decide to make changes half-way through your project, then you’ve not only wasted the money you’ve already spent on items you wish to discard, but you’ve also paid for work hours that will have to be duplicated to take care of your changes. Then, of course, there’s the cost of any new items needed as a result of your changes.

4. Keep your design as simple as possible – If you are just entering the world of shop keeping, don’t get too carried away with your design. That’ doesn’t mean, of course, that your space won’t be attractive and that you can’t have a few special features, but there’s often no need to purchase the “top-of-the-line” in most cases. Your shop fitter can help you find quality fixtures and other items at a fair price. You’ll also want to minimize any structural work that needs to be done in your interior space, like knocking out walls. The less on-site construction, the lower your cost.

Remember, your fit out company also wants you to get the most for your money. Take the time necessary to discuss all of the particulars of your design with your shop fit professionals to determine where your money is best spent.

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