Safety and Queue Control

Safety and Queue Control

The primary concern of most retailers is how their store appears to the buying public, and much time is usually spent in making a shop look inviting and attractive. Equally as important, however, is operating a store, restaurant, or other establishment that is safe for both customers and staff.

queue control shopSome safety parameters are set by government standards, others are self-imposed, and others are just common sense. But, in general, practicing good safety means they’ll be less chance of accidents occurring and lawsuits arising.

Think about the issues that might cause accidents and consider how you and your shop fitter can work together to help avoid these incidents. Remember, this is an area for which you don’t want to cut corners; your livelihood could literally depend on the safety of your customers and employees.

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Slippery floors account for a huge amount of accidents in retail establishments, particularly in food stores and restaurants, making the purchase of floor mats essential. Floor mats are offered in many sizes and styles and at many price points as well.

You may not need mats throughout your entire store or restaurant but should carefully review your floor plans and decide where slip-and-fall accidents might most often occur. For food markets, this is usually the produce area (though messy spills can occur just about anywhere).

Floor mats might be used during inclement weather as well, when customers are entering with wet wellies and brollies, making the floors slick.

Along with mats, retailers might also want to consider purchasing warning signs that will catch the attention of their customers to warn them of potential hazards, such as “wet floor” or other types of caution signs.

Employees should also be supplied with other equipment that makes their jobs safer, such as safety steps that allow them to reach items in high places. Sadly, countless workers are injured each year when reaching for inventory on high shelves.

Safety and Queue Control

The purchase of a set of affordable safety steps can mean the difference between a happy employee and a hurt, disgruntled one.

queue controlSafety and queue control also extends to keeping shoplifters away. Be sure to add devices such as security cameras, real and “dummy” mirrors for keeping an eye on perpetrators, and even signs warning potential thieves that they’re being watched.

Maintaining orderly queues is also an important task for retailers who operate stores where standing and waiting is an everyday occurrence. Orderly queues make for happier customers and a more efficient way of doing business.

To keep queues well-ordered, invest in appropriate equipment such as steel barrier posts with expandable belts that allow you to separate one queue line from another or to separate the queue from the common areas.

These can be configured however you wish and are easy to move. The belts are usually available in different colors as well.

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Consider what’s appropriate for the health and well-being of your staff and customers and keep an eye out for any new potential safety or security problems that may arise as your business grows.

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