Retail Signs

Retail Signs

Signs! Signs! Signs! They’re everywhere. Our eyes are bombarded with retail signs no matter where we go, from the billboards that line major roads to tiny signs proclaiming the price of our favorite candy bar. Signs are the way we communicate information and we’d literally be lost without them.

buy retail signsInside and outside a retail establishment, signs are super important. They not only lead customers to you but, once inside, they help these same customers navigate their way through departments, down aisles, and more.

Retail signage is a major investment for any retailer, but it SHOULD be! Nearly as important as how you display your merchandise is how you present it through various forms of retail signage. When putting together a plan with your shop fitting designer, you should spend plenty of time discussing signs.

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This will include plans for placement for items such as aisle signs, department signs, decorative posters, and more. Determine a reasonable budget but don’t skimp on quality. However, a good shop fit professional should be able to help you find the retail signage you need without breaking the proverbial bank.

Good signage starts outside. On the exterior of your property, prominently display the name of your establishment along with your logo, if you have one. Avoid fancy fonts that are hard to read and colors like yellow, which are often difficult to see, at least from far away.

If you are in a shopping center with other stores, you’ll want customers to be able to spy your sign amidst all the others.

When customers step in the door of your shop, bank, restaurant, mall, or supermarket, you want them to immediately be able to find what it is they’re searching for. Retail signs will help with that task. For supermarkets, aisle signs are key to helping customers make a beeline to the products they seek.

sale retail signsBe sure they are large enough for customers of all ages to read and choose a clear, easy-to-read font and a background that’s not too busy. For department stores, make department signs large so that they’re visible from various points in the store.

Of course, you’ll need dozens of other signs as well.  Retail signs can lead customers to the check-out area or to the exits. They can point towards the dressing rooms or in the direction of the deli counter. They can tell you what’s on sale, today’s best price, or warn you to be cautious and avoid the slippery floor.

Posters can provide pictures of an enticing scene or proclaim the “deal of the day”. More sophisticated digital retail signage will attract the attention of buyers of all ages and perhaps prompt them to buy whatever product is being promoted.

When considering your retail signs requirement, begin by making a list of what you’ll need and review it with your shop fitter.  Call 03 9794 1000

Add or subtract items as needed and review it carefully before placing your order. Discuss the pros and cons of custom retail signs versus ready-made signs and choose those that will best convey your message.

Remember, good retail signs make your store come alive, and an attractive, well laid-out store is one that keeps them coming back again and again.

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