The Clik-Clik Economic Retail Signage System

If you’re the owner of a shop, especially one with high ceilings, chances are that hanging posters or other signs in your store can be quite a chore. You and your staff have probably spent countless hours atop a ladder, intent on making sure posters are not only readily visible but also hung straight and steadfast.


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No doubt you’ve repeated this scenario again and again as new seasons arrive or exciting new sales begin.

Hanging posters the old-fashioned way is not only a task that consumes lots of time, but it also puts your employees at risk of injury in the case of falls or other accidents caused by frequent climbing on ladders or other structures. Still, retail signage is an important part of any business, so finding an easier way to hang posters will certainly be of interest to any shop owner.

Clik Clik Retail Signage Simplicity

clik clik retail signage demoThankfully, a Canadian manufacturer has come up with an easier and more time- and cost-effective way of hanging posters – the Clik Clik system. Formerly only available in North America but now also for sale in Australia, Clik Clik uses a unique system of magnets combined with a simple grabbing mechanism on a lightweight pole to put even the most cumbersome posters in place…and take them down again.

Useful with any magnetic surface, such as those often found in suspended ceilings, the Clik Clik system means far fewer hours spent on the rungs of a ladder, less chance for slip-and-fall accidents, and signs that look professional and stay in place.

The Clik Clik retail signage system is quickly becoming a shop owner’s favorite thanks to its low cost and ease of use. Employing just a few magnets per sign, some fishing line-type filament, a broomstick-type extension pole, and a patented and clever grabbing apparatus, it’s a solution that doesn’t break the bank yet it’s sturdy and can be used again and again.

Furthermore, training staff to use Clik Clik requires little instruction, making it a retail signage system that’s accessible to just about everyone.

Remember, good signs not only advertise your products and policies and inform customers of sales, but they are also important to the overall design of your shop. That’s why it’s important to keep them up-to-date and in good condition, removing them and replacing them when changes need to be made or when they become old and damaged.

With proper use, Clik Clik makes this an easy task and can reduce the time to takes to hang a sign to just a few minutes per poster. That means no more long hours spent hanging signs before opening or after closing the store. Instead, Clik Clik – it’s done – and your store signage looks fresh and new!

Watch a Clik Clik Retail Signage Demo

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