Retail Shop Fittings

Retail Shop Fittings

The term “shop fitting” applies to “fitting out” a store or other establishment with everything it needs in regards to design. Retail shop fitting is an art, one that’s practiced by many companies worldwide, staffed with individuals who are experts in putting together retail shop fittings that will attract customers and prompt them to spread the word about the great place they shop, eat, or otherwise patronise.

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Retail shop fittings include a number of items of different kinds. Display shelves, cabinets, and cases are often the main components of a fit out design. These are the items that are designed to hold and display the products sold in a particular store and, depending on the size of the shop, can range from small wooden shelves to massive metal ones that hold heavy items.

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Some stand on the floor while others are mounted on the wall. Some might even sit on a countertop. Shelves tend to be open while cabinets might be enclosed with glass to protect valuable items. Which of these retail shop fittings are right for your establishment can be determined as your shop fitter draws up his/her design.

Clothing stores generally need to purchase racks as part of their retail shop fittings. Racks keep inventory in order and allow customers to peruse items easily. Racks are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal and may be chosen according to the design vibe of your space (i.e., wooden racks are perfect for a vintage store).

Along with racks, you might need to purchase hooks. In apparel shops, hooks are ideal for accessories or other small items. In other stores, hooks hold health and beauty items, small electronics, gift cards, and much more. Hooks can be attached to certain kinds of shelves and are available in different sizes and weights.

You might also want to include a free-standing carousel with hooks for certain displays in your store. All of these retail shop fittings are available in a variety of price ranges to fit your desired budget.

Other shop fittings you might need include carts and baskets for shoppers. These make shopping in your store easier and more convenient, especially in food or drug stores where customers will likely be toting lots of small items.

Shop owners might also need to purchase crowd barrier systems for roping off queues or isolating certain areas of their store.

As you’re considering all of the needed retail shop fittings, remember that signage is ultra-important. You’ll need everything from exterior signs to get customers into the store to a variety of signs that will keep them there once they arrive.

These include aisle and other directional signs for supermarkets and other big-box stores, department signs that help customers find a particular part of the store, signs promoting sales and other pricing, and POS signs for those all-important point-of-sale displays.

Posters are also integral to many retail establishments and can be changed with the seasons or as different events occur.  Some retail owners also opt for more sophisticated digital signage. These signs cost more but it’s been proven that customers love interactive display signage and tend to purchase more when they’re engaged.

As you choose your retail shop fittings, rely on the expertise of your chosen fit out team to steer you in the right direction.  Call 03 9794 1000

These specialists – including designers, manufacturers, installers, and project managers – will be with you every step of the way, creating a unique space you can be proud to call your own.


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