Need a Retail Refit? Consider these Common Concerns

Need a Retail Refit? Consider these Common Concerns

Every space needs a bit of refreshing now and then, and if you’re a retail entrepreneur, you understand how important it is to keep your location looking clean and up-to-date at all times.

retail refit - tablesSometimes this involves only small fixes, but every 10 years or so (or sometimes more often), you’ll probably require a major retail refit of some sort.

If you’ve thought about a new design for your store or other retail space, you’ve probably been fretting about the cost as well as other issues that will impact your bottom line should you decide to take the plunge and do a retail refit.

The three issues outlined below are the ones that most often permeate our thoughts as we determine what to do to make our space look like new.

1. Business Interruption – This is a major concern of every retailer who is considering renovating their space. Interruption of business, especially for a lengthy period of time, can have a major impact on your income.

That means as you peruse shop fitters that you’re considering for the project, you need to ask questions about their timeline. You’ll want to make sure that – once they get started – they are able to finish in a timely manner. That date of completion should be put in writing.

Things happen, of course, but any large gaps can be cause for alarm. Don’t be afraid to ask for references for your candidates and, specifically, ask these references about whether or not the shop fitter stuck to his proposal as far as timeline is concerned. Also ask the fit out team if it’s possible to remain open during renovations, or at least for part of the renovation process.

2. Design – Your new design, of course, will be a major factor in your re-fit. But perhaps you’re stumped as to what direction to proceed. No problem! That’s why shop fitters are there to help!

An experienced shop fitting company can recommend updated and trendy designs to fit the vibe of your company…and they can do it within your budget. As you interview a company, ask to meet with their design team or with particular designers who’ve worked with establishments like yours. (i.e. you probably don’t want someone who designs supermarkets to work on your boutique).

Look for someone who will listen to your ideas and then suggest ways to expand on them or incorporate them. This way, you’ll have some design input as well.

3. Choosing a Shop fitter – Achieving a good quality retail refit is all about choosing the right shop fitting company. Don’t rush the interview process. You’ve waited this long. Take some time to make your selection so you can be sure it’s the right fit.

Look for companies that have a lot of in-house capabilities, such as their own joinery, which can help speed up the process. However, if budget is more of a concern, check out companies that have good outsourcing connections, which can often save money.

Finally, be sure to interview all members of the team, from the designers to the installers, to be sure the company can do the job the way you envision it, and in a timely manner, as well. With the right choice, before you know it, you’ll be staring at a brand new, exciting space that customers old and new will love.

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