Retail Misting System is Ideal for Any Market

Retail Misting System is Ideal for Any Market

If you’ve ever walked down the produce aisle of your favorite store and been greeted with clouds of fog and fine sprays of water, that was the store’s retail misting system at work. A misting system – also sometimes known as a humidification system – is a wonderful addition to any store that sells produce and wants to keep it fresh and appealing.

retail misting systemA retail misting system is most often seen at large supermarkets but really are perfect for any kind of shop that sells produce and is concerned with preserving inventory and dealing with less waste. Regardless of the size of your produce department, it’s important that the items you sell stay hydrated.

That makes for an extended shelf life meaning sales will increase and your bottom line be less impacted by spoilage.

Retail Misting System For Presentation And Preservation

Who wants to buy vegetables and fruit that looks unappealing or tastes bad? With misting, however, studies have found that produce better retains Vitamin C and, in addition, hydrating also prompts the production of chlorophyll, which makes green produce look brighter and fresher. Peroxidase enzyme activity, responsible for spoilage, is decreased when misting is used regularly.

Misting solutions such as the Contronics Humidification System also eliminate the need to have staff hand water the items on the produce aisle. That leaves more time for employees to tackle other, more important tasks.

Furthermore, misting systems are timed and water output is measured, meaning your produce will get the amount of water it needs at the right intervals. Misting systems are also generally very quiet so they can run without being obtrusive.

Misting systems are easy to use and, in most cases, are installed by a professional in the field or by a member of your shop fitting team. They can be turned on and off with ease and nozzles can be adjusted in all directions. In many cases, the systems are customizable, which means that you – the shop owner – can decide on the size of the system, where the nozzles should be placed, and other details.

Humidification systems that do not make products physically wet are also available for use in a variety of capacities. This includes deli departments as well as meat, cheese, and seafood cases. Users indicate that such systems extend the life of some of these products by up to 2 days, which has a significant impact on waste.

A customer will love a retail misting system. Not only do they look “cool” when seen in action, but customers who recognize that a store is doing everything it takes to keep its products fresh are the ones that will return again and again to shop at that particular establishment.

If you’re considering the installation of a humidification or retail misting system, talk to your shop fit team about the particulars of making this purchase and setting it up in your establishment. He or she can help you determine which kind of system is best for you and what will provide you with the most value for your hard-earned dollars.


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