Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Retailers know just how important it is to keep their inventory secure and safe from shoplifters. Shop owners who sell high priced items recognize this as more important than ever and also know that they are among those most targeted when it comes to stealing. What thief doesn’t want the latest cell phone, tablet, computer, or other trendy electronic device? For the shoplifter, these items mean big money on the street.

Retail Loss Prevention – Demo a Real Product While Keeping it Safe

retail loss prevention - clothing storeTo the shop owner, these items represent a huge loss of income if they are stolen. While it’s easy to keep these products under lock and key or to wrap them with some other sort of retail loss prevention device, retailers who sell these items want to make sure that their customers can still enjoy a hands-on approach to buying.

Therefore, they are eager to allow for a demonstration of the real product but must be sure that the displayed item remains safe and secure. After all, the theft of just one or two phones or tablets could greatly impact a retailer’s profits.

However, there are viable solutions for this problem and you’ve probably seen them at major retailers around the country. When displaying single items such as phones, shopfitters can offer to install a variety of options to keep those items from being stolen. Products such as security device pods keep them in place, often with the use of magnets, clamps, and perhaps some sort of cord or wire.

Most of the pods are fairly lightweight and not overly expensive, yet their use means being able to display your expensive items as opposed to not making them available for demo.

Such loss prevention solutions keep phones, tablets, and other devices in plain view and allow for full functioning of keys and buttons, allowing customers to fully interact with the device they are considering for purchase.

Surveys show that interaction is key when it comes to purchasing today’s high tech products. Customers are much more likely to buy an item they’ve had the opportunity to test. Furthermore, these secure displays also allow store personnel to demonstrate the items while they’re still secure, eliminating the possibility of any snatch-and-run schemes.

Retractor cords, security cables, adhesive pads, stands with alarms, and other devices are also available to the electronics retailer or any other retailer who needs to protect high-ticket items while keeping them front and center and accessible to customers.

Remember, your staff can’t keep an eye on everything in the store while busy with customers. Purchasing the right security devices for your products reduces their stress (and yours) and means you won’t need to bring in extra staff (or security professionals) in order to control loss at the hands of shoplifters. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Ask your shopfitting professional about the right security items for retail loss prevention and be sure to choose devices that will allow for uninhibited interaction while still protecting your bottom line.

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