Retail Fit Out – Consider a Rustic Look

Retail Fit Out – Consider a Rustic Look

Retail Fit Out – Consider a Rustic Look

Rustic is in. More and more shops, restaurants, and other establishments have opted for that rather countrified look to make customers feel comfortable and at home in their location. A rustic retail fit out can be appropriate for lots of different kinds of places and, with the right shop fitter, the look is easy to achieve.
retail fit outIf you’re considering going rustic for your retail fit out, think about some of these options:

1. Lots of wood – There’s no doubt that you’ll find that wooden display items will play a large part in your rustic retail fit out. Displays made of timber are ideal and you might even try using some reclaimed items, such as old wooden doors or windows, vintage wooden ladders, wooden crates, saw horses, tables, chairs, coat trees, and other similar items.

Dark woods provide lots of warmth but it’s okay to mix wood tones as well and opt for light woods for a brighter space. Be creative! Many of the items you find can function as shelves but you can also hang them on the walls or ceiling, etc. And don’t forget the floors! Weathered wood on the floors contributes to that vintage look.

Go with your shop fitter to collect pieces or ask for suggestions or where you might get the wood you need and brainstorm as to how that wood will best serve you.

2. Include some color – Wood is nice but can be a little bland if that’s all you use in your shop. You’ll want to add – as the professionals say – a “pop” of color here and there. You can do that by selecting other rustic or vintage items that fit your theme.

Old red lanterns, pretty baskets, colorful pillows or blankets, and flowers are simple solutions to providing a little color. You can also opt to paint some of your wooden objects and, of course, add some color by painting a wall or two in a hue that stands out a bit. Of course, your merchandise will add color as well, so plan accordingly with the help of your shop fitting professional.

3. Don’t forget the exterior – If you’re going for rustic inside, go for rustic outside as well, where possible. Wood door and window frames, rustic window decorations, checkerboard curtains – they all contribute to the look you seek and provide customers with an introduction to your store’s style even before they step in the door.

4. Be creative with signage – If rustic is what you’ve planned, be sure your signage matches as well, both inside and out. Choose vintage fonts for any printed signs and opt for chalkboards (or something similar) for your interior signage.

Remember, going rustic – in many cases – means using reclaimed materials or re-using items that might otherwise wind up in the rubbish heap. That makes you a good steward of the environment and you can feel proud that you’ve not only chosen an interesting and enticing fit out but that you’ve saved some trees as well.

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