Retail Display Options are Plentiful

Retail Display Options are Plentiful

Does your retail establishment need a new look? Are you just getting started on a new retail enterprise and brainstorming for ideas about design? Are you just not sure in which direction you wish to go? The world of retail design is huge and when considering your retail display options, all of those choices can certainly be confusing.

retail display options

Discuss Retail Display Options With Fitout Team

Hiring a shop fitting company with a staff of experts in retail display helps eliminate the confusion. A knowledgeable shop fitting team – which consists of designers, manufacturers, installers, and project managers – can help you muddle through all the options and choose retail display items that serve your needs AND your design aesthetic. Along with you, your fit out designer will carefully peruse your space and review your merchandise and marketing plans to come up with displays that will attract customers.

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The retail display options you choose will depend on a number of factors:

  • What kind of establishment are you opening/renovating?
  • What type(s) of items do you sell?
  • Do you want your shop decorated in a certain style? (retro, urban industrial, etc.)
  • What is your budget for display pieces?

For some types of establishments, display options are pretty standard. For example, if you own a supermarket, electronics store, or a drug store, you’ll probably choose typical heavy-duty shelving systems that stand up to plenty of traffic.

These will probably include certain types of shelf dividers to keep your inventory looking neat. You might also need slatwall panels or other retail display options that accommodate hooks to hold small products. In some cases, you might also need glass-front locking display cases, particular for products with which theft is a problem.

If you own or manage an apparel store or a department store, options for retail display might be a little more eclectic. In these types of stores, in other words, you may have more opportunity to use your imagination when it comes to design.

You might opt for handsome wood shelves instead of metal and might even consider having them custom made in a favorite design. Ornate glass cases or perhaps pretty display tables or clothing racks may be in order as well, adding a special touch to your shop. These are especially appropriate for boutiques and other stores looking to achieve a more “homey” atmosphere.

Don’t forget about small retail display pieces as well. You might need an acrylic rack that sits on the counter, baskets for smaller items, or even a few wire racks for newspapers, magazines, or other literature. Clothing stores may require mannequins for display and jewelry stores might need necklace display stands, ring pedestals, or other similar items.

Remember to carefully consider the size of your store so that you choose display items that will complement the space and not make it look smaller than it is. Large items hold lots of merchandise but might not be right for your store or other establishment.

As you consider your retail display options, sit down with your fit out designer and carefully consider all of your choices. He/she should be able to provide you with a complete list of options including photographs and may even recommend you visit shops like yours for more retail display ideas.

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