Reduce Spoilage With Retail Display Foam Risers

Ah, fresh fruit! Walk into the supermarket and down the produce aisle and you’re greeted with wonderful colours and textures, courtesy of an eclectic selection of succulent fruits from around the world. For many, it’s their favourite part of the store.

retail display foam risersBut for store owners, keeping fresh fruit on the shelves – items that look appetizing and smell good – can be one of the most difficult tasks they face, especially in large stores with sizeable inventories.

In Australia, bananas are the most widely consumed fruit, but they’re also an item that ripens and spoils quickly, providing a real challenge for store owners. No one wants to buy a banana that’s bruised or one that’s quickly turning black.

Retail Display Foam Risers Ideal For Displaying Produce

But, sadly, some bananas spoil so quickly that loss is a given for those who stock the fruit. However, using the right kind of materials for the banana display can reduce some of this spoilage and save the store owner a significant amount of money.

Quite new on the scene is an innovative product that is shown to reduce spoilage by nearly 10 percent when used properly. Known as an anti-bacterial retail display foam riser, this is a useful alternative to traditional plastic risers or any type of wooden display area, and it’s softer and more pliable, conforming to the shape of the bananas and providing a surface that allows them to stay in place and suffer less bruising.

Secondly, the anti-bacterial quality of the foam risers means spoilage isn’t accelerated by the bacteria left behind when over-ripened bananas are removed and replaced with fresh, green bananas. That’s a common problem in most stores as stockpersons usually don’t take the time to clean the plastic surfaces after removing smelly, spoiled items. The result is quicker spoilage and more waste.

In addition, the retail display foam risers make for an attractive display. When items look pleasing to the eye, sales rise. Furthermore, customers can easily pick up and replace the bananas without causing additional bruising or contamination.

A shopfitter who is well-versed in merchandising options for supermarkets, particularly those with large produce departments, will no doubt recommend this new foam product to clients who are frustrated with the number of bananas that must be disposed of each day.

banana foam Retail Display Foam RisersThe retail display foam risers are even suitable for smaller shops where the management of waste and the preservation of profits is equally as important, if not more so.

If you’re shopping for display options for the produce in your store, check out these new foam risers before you buy, taking time to compare them to the more commonly-used plastic variety. Chances are you can obtain a free sample to test for a limited time, allowing yourself the opportunity to make an informed decision about your display before you make an investment.

Be sure to keep a “spoilage log” in regards to how long bananas last on the retail display foam risers versus your current traditional risers. Finally, measure the cost of the foam risers in regards to the rate of spoilage and you’ll probably find the foam to be a wonderful money-saving solution.

In fresh produce, spoilage rates can present the largest single cost of goods, exceeding labour and even freight. Bananas, the most the popular produce item across Australia, are particularly prone to spoilage. Fast ripening bananas are one of the most visible and noticeable (in terms of smell) of fruits on display, therefore any initiative which can reduce spoiling will have substantial benefits for the retailer.

Our new anti-bacterial retail display foam risers have been calculated to reduce spoilage by up to 9%! They work by first providing a softer, more flexible surface than traditional plastic risers, contouring to the banana’s shape. However, what many retailers may not know is that spoilage is also accelerated by the by the bacteria which remains on a riser after a rotting item is removed.

The anti-bacterial nature of our foam alleviates that problem, resulting in enormous benefits in terms of reduced spoilage, better presentation, better quality of produce and more pleasant fragrances. Call our office in your state or your Mills Account Manager for samples and to find out more.

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