Retail Data Strips For Pricing and Scanning

Retail Data Strips For Pricing and Scanning

It’s the little things that matter. When someone walks into a supermarket, drug store, or any other shop that includes shelves full of items, their eyes are usually focused on the products themselves.

Hanging retail Data StripsThey might be searching for a particular item when they enter but, no doubt, their gaze will eventually focus on the price of that item. And in the rare occasion that they can’t find that price, they’ll definitely go looking for a clerk to help them determine the cost.

Retail Data Strips and Ticket Stripping Options

That’s why a good pricing system is important for all, including both the customer and the employee.

And with that system in place, the shop owner needs to purchase accessories that allow for easy display of those retail data strips or pricing tickets.

This allows the customer to easily identify the price and the store workers to keep up with inventory and gauge shrinkage in an efficient manner.

The kind of retail data strips and ticket stripping options available to you are plentiful and you’ll need to consult with your shop fitter to choose the ones that best fit with your display products. For example, some shop owners will choose clear, flat data strip holders that adhere directly to the shelves, usually situated directly above or below the product in question.

grip strip retail data stripsOther styles for holding these all important pieces of information include the basket type holder, which hangs on the edge of a shelf and allows tags to be easily inserted and removed; the flipper scan holder, which works similar to the basket but attaches differently; hang scans that include pre-punched holes for hanging; grip strip sign holders where shop owners can post specials and place them beside or over the normal price strips; and a variety of other options.

Often, it takes new shop owners (or those renovating) some time to figure out complicated pricing systems that include bar codes and other pertinent information. A well-informed shop fitter can help you navigate the world of data strips and ticket stripping.

Be sure to include such discussions as your meetings with your fit out professional progress.  Call 03 9794 1000

Consider what kind of shelving, refrigeration, and other items you plan to use in your market or shop and price out all the options available to determine which are best not only for your pricing system but for your budget as well.

It’s always a wise idea to see such items in person, so before your meetings with your shop fitter, take time to browse a store similar to yours and peruse their retail data strips choices. No doubt you’ll be able to gather some ideas that may fit your own needs. Don’t be hesitant to use more than one option. One size doesn’t always fit all!

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