Good Queue Control Systems Boost POS Sales

Good Queue Control Systems Boost POS Sales

No one likes to stand and wait, but we sure spend a lot of time doing it. Many theories abound as to how long an average person stands in queue during their lifetime, with answers ranging anywhere from 3 to 10 years. Regardless of which is correct, that’s a substantial number of minutes!

queue controlThat means you, as a shop owner, need to make the queue experience the most productive for you and your customers while also keeping lines under control. The most important thing to remember is that it’s essential for you to take this idle time spent waiting at the check-out area and turn it into profit.

First of all, select a queue control system that best suits your particular retail environment. If you select a system such as our “In Queue” line, you can mix and match pieces that fit your particular space. The In Queue system helps you merge design and functionality and gives you the pieces you need to not only organize queues but also to optimize POS sales.

To do this, this system includes not only the traffic flow solutions you require but also acrylic tubs or display stands; bucket displays; hook, slat wall, and shelf displays; and a huge range of other merchandising accessories you can arrange so that they are within easy reach of your customers waiting in queue to pay.

Retailers can also add custom header and poster panels that include their branding or can use those to advertise specials. These mix-and-match pieces can be fashioned in wood or in metal, depending on what better matches your décor or which you deem easier to move when necessary.

However, retailers don’t need to make an investment in an entire “system” if it doesn’t fit into their budget. Merely placing POS displays at appropriate places along a queue line will work. There are many options, from traditional wire “dump baskets” that come in a variety of sizes, to barrels or wicker baskets that look a bit more vintage and can hold just about anything.

You can also include traditional point-of-sale displays along your queue, including those made from heavy-duty cardboard or other such products. POS displays are sometimes provided by the vendor (i.e. Coke™ sends you a cardboard display to tout their new can design) but you can also ask your shop fitter to design custom POS displays for products you wish to promote to those standing at check-out.

Remember, POS is all about the impulse buy, so choose products and displays that will really catch the eye – and the wallet – of your typical customer. These tend to be lower-priced items, merchandise on sale, or sometimes even something new. Appoint an employee that will make sure your POS displays remain full and within reach and change the displays often so that customers aren’t seeing the same thing day-in and day-out, especially if they visit your shop often.

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