Product Presentation Signage

Product Presentation Signage

If you’re a store owner, you’re no doubt anxious for your products to sell, so you’ve learned that getting them out there in front of your customers is the key to good merchandising. However, just putting them on a shelf and expecting that they’ll sell may not be enough.  It’s how you market your products that can mean the difference between mediocre profits and a great year.

Product Presentation Signage

Mills Styrox Product Presentation Signage

Shopfitting has a lot to do with just how well your merchandise sells. A quality shopfitting professional holds the key to creative merchandising and can share ideas for product presentation that will keep customers coming back again and again. Attractive displays also tend to keep customers in the store for a longer period of time and will increase buying as well.

Product Presentation SignageA well-versed shopfitter should be able to fabricate a wide variety of display pieces for your shop, keeping product presentation at the forefront of the design. How each product is presented will largely depend on the type(s) of products sold and the overall desired vibe for the shop.

Presentation can be very traditional, if desired, complete with standard shelving made of common materials like wood or metal. If you’re shop or other retail establishment is a little trendier, your shopfitter should be able to come up with presentation options that look and feel more contemporary.

If you have a particular product or products within your inventory that you are hoping to highlight, your shop fitter can help you with these special product presentations as well by suggesting merchandising options that bring that item center stage.

Options could include a clever point-of-sale display for that particular item, offering bright signs, banners, or anything that helps the display stand out in the crowd. The use of a light box or an illuminated sign is another option.

Overall, signage is quite important in the presentation of products. For example, the use of certain images pertaining to the products can certainly dress up the wall that accompanies a particular display, attracting buyers with scenes that make them feel happy or excited while they shop.

Signs like this appeal to the customer’s senses and are known to prompt buying, resulting in an increase in sales. These sort of “subliminal messages” have been used for decades and today’s wonderful signage capabilities provide a wealth of possibilities.

Be sure that when you’re sitting down with your shop fitting experts, ready to draft a plan, that you consider how your signage will affect your product presentation. Also recognise that signage is an ongoing project. You may find yourself ordering new signs several times each year, depending on how often your inventory rotates, how many sales or special promotions are offered annually, the season of the year, or for any number of other reasons.

Be sure to plan ahead. While your shop fitter may have some instant signs available, others may need to be specially crafted for your needs, requiring some lead time.  Remember, the right sign helps sell products. Don’t skimp on your product presentation signage needs but do shop for signs that provide you with the best available options for your budget.

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