Product Labelling And Pricing

Product Labelling And Pricing

If you’re like most shoppers, a trip to the store always involves finding a “good deal” – looking for items that are priced well and provide good value. When you can’t find a price on a particular product or are confused about pricing, it’s frustrating!

So, as a shop owner, you no doubt understand how important it is to provide your customers with clear labels and pricing information. That involves putting together a good product labelling system and owning the items needed to produce clear, readable labels that contain pricing and other pertinent information.

Product Labelling and Pricing Options

product labelling shopA good place to start is by purchasing an affordable, versatile labeller such as those made by the very reliable Brother Company. Labellers like the PT-D450 are inexpensive and easy to use and produce the professional-looking labels that you’d want to display in your shop.

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This machine easily meets the needs of a smaller business and it works with a variety of tape widths and in a variety of fonts and colors. With a standard QWERTY keyboard, it’s user-friendly so staff can learn how to use it in just a lesson or two.

For labellers that fill bigger needs, consult your shop fitting expert. And, of course, don’t forget to stock up on the corresponding tapes so that you won’t run out in the middle of a large project.
Other pricing and product labelling options include the purchase of so-called pricing guns, which have been around for decades but have greatly improved in quality over the years.

Pricing guns are very simple to use and are inexpensive enough that you’ll want to have more than one on hand. The SATO line is very reliable and user-friendly and can be used in a variety of applications. Some print up to three lines at a time, allowing for more information to be showcased along with your product.

product labelling best beforeYou’ll also want to purchase labels that correspond with the pricing guns and labellers, including perhaps those with pre-printed verbiage such as “use by” or “best before”. These eliminate extra work for you and your staff, allowing you to complete your pricing needs quicker. Plain labels should be part of your inventory as well, so that you can customize them yourself. And don’t forget essential accessories such as ink rollers or ink pads.

It’s these seemingly small items that are often overlooked, especially by new shop owners, but if you’re working with a reliable shop fitting expert, he or she can provide you with a shopping list of these and other accessories you might need at your store, including not only product labelling and pricing items but also display accessories like hooks, ticket holders, ticket stripping needs, and much more.

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Be sure to discuss all the particulars of pricing with your fit out company and ask him/her to present you with a variety of options. A good shop fitter should offer products that fit all budgets and should be able to educate you as to what will best fit your needs.

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