Produce Aisle, a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Produce Aisle, a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

We’ve all heard the phrase “pretty as a picture”. Often, it refers to lovely young women or perhaps bucolic sunset scenes. These days, however, it also refers to food, especially considering the use of foodie pics on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

Produce AisleNearly everyone who’s into social media has posted a photo of a delicious-looking meal at some time or another. And chances are that those who saw it reacted with a resounding, “Oooh, that looks yummy!”

It’s true. Attractive food catches attention. Even though there may be a brown and grey plate of food that tastes delicious, diners are less likely to eat it because it looks unappetizing. Instead, they opt for something colorful and well put-together. Most people believe that if it looks delicious, it’ll taste delicious.

So, when you’re setting up a food-based business, it’s important to keep this in mind. And nowhere in a market is that more important than on the produce aisle, where colors and textures can be combined to paint a beautiful picture that will have the customer lingering for a bit while perusing the apples, oranges, kiwi fruits, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, and other wonderful offerings.

That means before you start simply piling up your produce that you think about putting your best…uh, apples, etc….forward. Literally, start by considering how you can craft displays that show the contrast of vibrant colors, the shine of the apples, the texture of the citrus fruits. Hand stacking often creates the biggest “wow” factor, so consider teaching several employees how to make neat and clean hand-stacked displays that appeal to the eye.

When something looks attractive, impulse purchases often occur. So, even if your customer wasn’t intent on buying a bag of papayas, perhaps he or she will be prompted to do so merely due to your attractive, well-thought-out display.

In general, if you consider these 4 elements, you’ll definitely increase your bottom line through produce purchases:

  1. The importance of color – Experiment with display styles that make the colors of your products look the most vibrant. Don’t put all your greens together, for example, even in the lettuce department. Put red lettuce between the greens. Also consider your lighting and how that can enhance your displays.

  2. Do a little landscaping – Use props to keep your items at different heights. This looks much better than just a flat display. Tiered displays and angled shelves create variety and also allow customers to better see what you’re offering.

  3. Contrast and textures – Put opposing textures beside one another to create interesting displays. This pertains not only to the produce itself but also to the display pieces you’re using. For example, include some baskets and barrels as well as traditional display tables.

  4. Use creative signage – Everyone wants to know how much that pound of potatoes costs, but you can also add other information on your signs, such as nutritional value, which is so important to many consumers these days. Sometimes you might even offer cooking suggestions or perhaps display a recipe that includes a particular item so that customers can tear one off and take it home with them.

Talk to your shop fitter for more ideas about making your produce aisle the prettiest part of your store!

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