POS Signs

POS Signs

How many times have you – personally – been stopped in your tracks by POS signs that have caught your attention? We’re betting it’s been more than once!  Signage is how stores communicate with their customers; it’s how retailers say what they need to say when personal contact with everyone who walks in isn’t an option.  Literally, POS signs do the talking for shop owners.

POS signsPOS signs, when well done, make customers stop and take stock of what’s available to them in a particular display. Remember, point-of-sale displays offer those items which weren’t really on the customer’s list when they walked into the store, but are situated near the check-out because they are deemed to be good “impulse” items – products that you might want to add to those you specifically aimed to purchase.

These are usually things like candy bars or a pack of chewing gum, batteries, or perhaps a small health and beauty item. That means attracting attention is the number one priority…and a good sign can do that.

POS signs can be quite simple and of the ready-made variety. These are signs that are used often and can perhaps be used interchangeably from one POS display to the next. The text on these signs might be as simple as “BUY NOW”, “TODAY’S SPECIAL”, or “NEW PRODUCT”…just as long as it catches the eye.

Such signs are fairly inexpensive and retailers can buy several to affix to various displays in their store, not only POS displays.  Other signs can be custom made for a particular POS display. These will be more costly, but depending on your particular goal for a specific POS display, may be well worth the extra money spent.

Custom POS Signs Made To Order

Custom POS Signs made to order by Mills design experts

Designs for these custom signs can be as eclectic as your imagination (or that of your shop fitter) and might include not only pricing or sale information but also other info about the product or products you wish to promote.

Because signs aim to attract attention, they should always be easy to read, especially POS signs that prompt impulse purchases. That means you’ll want the font to be large and clear. Avoid the temptation to choose fancy script fonts or other unusual lettering that might make the sign more difficult to decipher.

You’ll also want to position the sign so that it’s at eye level or wherever it’s best seen by customers, many of whom are often in a hurry. You’ll also want to consider bright colours for your sign, but make sure you use lettering that is visible against those bright backgrounds. White signs with bright-coloured lettering are often a good choice.

For more aggressive point-of-sale campaigns, you might want to consider digital signage or something else much more state-of-the-art than the usual POS signs. Digital signage can be reused again and again and can be adapted to just about any sales campaign you might be forging.

These are extremely engaging and customers almost always stop to view such signs, even if only for a few short moments which, often, is long enough to convince them to buy.

Ask your shopfitter about the best POS signs available for your ongoing point-of-sale needs.  Call 03 9794 1000

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