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We have a very simple mission: to be the first choice in product presentation and visual communication for your retail environment. Whether it be how you display and sell your products and services, or how you speak to your customers through signage, pricing and branding, we want to be top of mind. Why? Because we combine local manufacture, with overseas sourcing and the best team of installers and project managers going around, with cutting edge retail design and consultancy. Contact us, and see why we’re the first choice for Australia’s major retailers for all their visual merchandising needs.

Current warehouse capacity 86%
Current plastic fabrication capacity 95%
Industrial design capacity 82%


We have Australia’s largest range of shelf-ready items to help you organise and sell your merchandise. 

ffr poster hangers


Poster hanging systems, euro-frames, pricing and tickets – if we don’t have it in stock, we can source it, or even design and prototype the perfect solution. 

sourcing retail fitout


We operate separate state-of-the-art plastic fabrication, joinery and metalwork factories.

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How we work with Australia's retailers

A true one-stop shop

Display solutions

Clips, strips, grips, suction cups, poster hangers, connectors – we have literally millions in our warehouse. If you have the problem, we have the solution.

Shelf Management

Shelf management solutions improve appearance and prevents stock loss. Whether it be spring loaded pushers, or gravity fed systems, we are the experts in getting your products front-facing, in easy reach.

Acrylic fabrication

Our Hallam factory is the market leader in fabricating acrylic. So if we don’t have the brochure holder or display you’re after, we can make it!

Overseas partnerships

We are the exclusive distributors for some of the world’s pre-eminent display companies, including FFR in the USA and Synco Spa in Europe.
Our Work
Wine store within a store

Wine store within a store

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Acrylic for footwear

Acrylic for footwear

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Crown dessert bars

Crown dessert bars

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Floral stand

Floral stand

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Who we are

Some of our team

Bryce Killen

Bryce Killen

Head of Design & Projects - Echo
Bryce’s creativity and innovation translates into some of the most dynamic branding executions seen in retail.
Rachael Bullock

Rachael Bullock

Qld State Manager
When it comes to retail equipment in Queensland, Rachael and her team are second to none. Literally.
Kris Mcghee

Kris Mcghee

Creative Director - Echo
After a distinguished career in the UK, Australian retail, and creative agencies, Kris heads up the new ‘Echo’ creative division of the Mills group.
Andrew Washington

Andrew Washington

Account Manager - VIC
Andrew’s experience with independent supermarkets exposes him to a wide range of market tastes and is well placed to assist anyone wishing to present their fresh produce in a better way.


In the battle against online, overseas retailers and newly arriving discounters, how important is your store environment in maintaining and growing sales? And if the answer is ‘very’, is it the best it can be?

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Retail Theft Prevention

One of the industries that suffers the highest percentage of loss through shoplifting is the retail pharmacy industry. Now, you may immediately think we’re talking about prescription drug theft, but that generally occurs during full-out robberies, since thieves would have a difficult time accessing the drug area during regular business hours.

Retail Food Service Capturing a Big Piece of the Supermarket Pie

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Lightboxes For Retail

If you’re hoping to add some pizzazz to your indoor signage, there are a number of ways to do it. Choosing to install lightboxes for retail areas of your store is certainly one of those ways. LED lightboxes are a wonderful means of visual communication as they attract attention – drawing the eye to the…

We have the combined experience of Styrox Signs, Mills Display and SSE Shopfitting. That’s why we’re first in retail.

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