Shopfitting for your Pop-Up Shop!

Shopfitting for your Pop-Up Shop!

Pop-up shops are all the rage! These temporary stores have become quite a trend and are being embraced by companies large and small. The goal, most retailers say, is to use these short term stores to create a long-term impression.

They are great for promoting your brand and many wind up being quite unique, creating a shopping experience that customers will remember.

Why a Pop-Up?

Baulkham Hills Health & Beauty pop-up shopThere are many reasons for choosing to set up a pop-up shop. Some companies set up these temporary retail locations in order to test a new revenue stream. Checking to see whether or not your products will sell in a particular city or town, or at a particular shopping mall, is one of the prime reasons for going the pop-up shop route.

Such an endeavour means far less money spent than if you would choose to rent or purchase an actual bricks-and-mortar location, which could eventually fail if the market opportunities are all wrong.

Other popular users of pop-up shops include those who usually do their business online but would like to set up a temporary offline presence. Let’s face it! Most buyers still like to handle the items they intend on purchasing, so if they seemingly love your products online but are hesitant to purchase without a firsthand look, a pop-up store may be just want they need to gain confidence in your products.

Once the shop is removed and they’ve had that personal experience, they’ll be okay about purchasing online.

Pop-up shops are also great for holiday or seasonal items. Perhaps you’ve crafted some beautiful Christmas items you’d like to sell, or maybe you specialize in items for those who love to barbecue outside when the weather is ideal.

When your idea is tied to a holiday or season, the pop-up shop is the perfect option.

Manufacturers of new, yet unknown items can also benefit from a pop-up shop scenario. It allows them to test the market at a fairly minimal cost to determine whether or not their items(s) will be a hit with the general public. Again, this eliminates the cost of buying or renting a large retail location and can even save costs associated with launching a huge online campaign.

Where can you set up your shop?

Pop-up shops can appear in any number of places. Sometimes they’re a store-within-a-store, set-up within an already existing retail shop. You can also find them in the public spaces at the shopping mall, in gallery or event spaces, or even in vacant brick-and-mortar stores where the owner is willing to rent the space for a short stint. A lot will depend on your budget and what kind of traffic you seek.

Setting up your pop-up

Chances are you’ll need some help from a shop fitter to get your pop-up shop looking the way you’d like. At the very least you’ll need some display items, a check-out counter, lighting, furniture, and signs, all of which a fit out professional can help you obtain. Remember, the costs don’t have to be exorbitant. A shop fitter with access to a variety of products can get you want you need and want at prices suitable for such an endeavour.

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