Getting the Most from your Outdoor Retail Signage

Getting the Most from your Outdoor Retail Signage

Getting the Most from your Outdoor Retail Signage

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be noticed. The same goes for retail spaces. If you’re the owner and your main goal is to increase or promote business, working on a plan to “get noticed” is probably at the forefront of your mind. Your outdoor retail signage should be a major part of that plan.

outdoor retail signageBelow we’ve listed a handful of tips that should allow you to get the most from your outdoor retail signage – the ones that are outside your store, restaurant, or other facility. These signs are ultra-important because they catch the potential customer’s eye and get them inside, where you have other great things waiting for them.

Handy Outdoor Retail Signage Tips

1. Big and Bold – You want your future customers to be able to read the name of your store and what it is you’re offering, even from somewhat far away. So, if the possibility for a large sign exists, run with it! However, bold doesn’t necessarily mean bright colors like red or orange.

You want your sign to be readable, so you’ll want to stay away from combinations like a red background with yellow lettering. It just doesn’t work! Start with plain old black and white, but if that doesn’t reflect the personality you wish, experiment with other combinations…and dare to be different, as long as the sign is legible.

2. Choose appropriate font – The font on your big and bold sign can tell customers a lot about your space. If you’re an upscale boutique, you might use script. A children’s store might demand a more playful typeface.

It’s also best to choose just one font and stick to it. Usually, the rule “less is more” works best as well. Don’t try to tell customers everything about your store on one sign. Make them come in and discover it for themselves!

3. Make it your own – You may have long admired the sign at the store down the street, but if it doesn’t fit the personality of you or your store, don’t copy it! Make sure your signs represent your brand and your taste and even the culture of the neighborhood, mall, etc. in which you are located.

4. Consider your location – Where you are located will determine how well your signage can be seen. So, when working with a shopfitter on signage needs, consider options such as angling your signs so that they are more visible to passing tracking, both automobiles and pedestrians. A general rule of thumb? For best results, your signs should face the flow of traffic.

5. 24/7 visibility – Allowing your customers to view your sign during both daytime and nighttime hours is essential for locations that enjoy passing traffic 24/7. So, if you’re on a busy boulevard, opt for a sign that lights up. While you may not be open during hours of darkness, someone might see your sign and be enticed to return.

6. Add graphics where appropriate – If your needs are best served by adding a small picture of some sort to your outdoor sign, do it…as long as it’s in good taste, makes sense as to your branding, and doesn’t obscure a customer’s ability to read the sign.

7. Don’t skimp on signage costs – Truly, a successful shop owner realizes that good signs are so important. They’re nearly always the object that attracts people to your store, so spending money on quality signs is hardly ever a waste. Just be sure that you’ve followed all the steps above to create signs that will increase your customer base and keep them coming back again and again.

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