Need a Brand Refresh? Call your Shop Fitter!

Need a Brand Refresh? Call your Shop Fitter!

So, you’ve been in business for a while. Things are going well but, lately, you think they could be better. Perhaps you feel as if everything has grown a bit stale – your old logo, your color scheme, and perhaps even the way your store is set up. Maybe, after a few decades of relative success, you need something else to push you to the next level or to reignite the excitement in your customers. Perhaps it’s time for a brand refresh.

Brand RefreshEvery retail owner needs to keep their look up-to-date, and while most businesses only make minor changes from year to year, after many years it might be time for a totally new look. What can you do to make improvements that will have your old customers – and some new ones as well – heading to your place of business to check out the changes? A lot! And your shop fitter can help with all the possibilities listed below.

Logo and other branding – Even the largest corporations with which we are familiar change their logo from time to time. Of course, you still want it to be familiar to your customers, so a change might involve something as simple as updating the font on your printing, changing a color, or slightly altering any icons that are associated with your business.

Established Brands Refresh Periodically

For example, consider Pepsi-Cola. They’ve updated their logo many times but it was always still evident that it represented that particular brand.

Color – Unless your colors are permanently tied to your logo, you might consider an entirely different color scheme for the interior of your establishment. Even if you have a particular color associated with your brand, you can perhaps consider a play on some hues that match or correspond nicely to your brand color.

Also, remember that color can really set the mood of your interior and that shops with little natural light demand colors that will help them “seem” light and airy while places with lots of natural light may need more subdued tones.

Furniture – If you own a restaurant or perhaps an office building, consider whether the furniture you’re using is outdated. Even if it’s still in relatively good condition, is the style indicative of now or the 20th century? If you can’t afford to replace everything at one time, consider perhaps new chairs or even some accent pieces that will improve the look of your furnishings overall. Again, furniture color and style is important and speaks to the tone of your business so choose appropriately.

Display pieces – Here’s where you can have a lot of fun! Your shop fitter can offer so many options when it comes to items such as shelves, racks, cabinets, baskets, hooks, and other ways to display your inventory. Sit down and brainstorm, considering the flow of your store as well as the emotions you wish to evoke when a customer enters.

Consider asking your shop fitter to also design some POS displays for items you wish to promote on a regular basis.

Remember, a new look always provides the proverbial shot-in-the-arm for you, your employees, and your customers. If you’re feeling less than excited about the way your shop, restaurant, or other space is designed, sit down with your shop fitting team’s designer and discuss the options that will fit your needs.

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