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More and more often, the term “foodie” makes its way into a magazine or newspaper article or television show or simply into a conversation. It’s a word used to describe someone who’s extremely passionate about food. That individual might be someone who simply enjoys eating, an amateur or professional chef, or a person who owns a restaurant.

Whichever it is, the foodie wants everything to be perfect when to comes to preparing – and then consuming – the food he /she loves.

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That said, it’s important to note that through the last several decades, individuals young and old are becoming more and more concerned about what they eat. They’re concerned not only about taste, but also about presentation which, of course, is paramount in making the food appear at its best.

That’s why restaurants and other eateries are becoming more and more aware of how they serve their food. The days of chipped plates and unsightly plastic beverage glasses are gone. Restauranteurs who really care about the customer and about their own reputation are in search of something more suitable for their creations.

Food Presentation With The Melamine Range

melamine range serving dishesOne of those options is melamine. Food presentation items made of melamine keep the focus on the food yet are visually appealing in their own right. One of the top makers of melamine products is Delfin, a North American company that’s well known as one of the world’s best food service and food presentation manufacturers.

Their EC Melamine range of products is second to none and provides restaurants with an eco-friendly option that is far from boring, as one might expect eco-friendly products to be.

On the contrary. The EC Melamine range are available in a host of beautiful colors. More importantly, however, is the way the items are manufactured. The plates, cups, bowls, and other kitchenware pieces are crafted from eco-friendly plant-based fiber from Thailand combined with a super durable melamine compound designed for strength and long-lasting use.

The result? Lovely but strong products with an appearance that can suit the needs of an eclectic selection of restaurants.

EC Melamine items are part of the company’s delfingreen line and are food grade tested as well as globally-considerate. Such products are becoming more and more popular with “foodies”, who tend to be passionate about things like using locally-grown produce, grass-fed beef, and fresh delights from the nearby sea.

Furthermore, customers are continually impressed by eateries that care about the environment yet find a way to do so without a negative impact on their business. The EC Melamine range of products fits this culture.

Check out Delfin’s EC Melamine range as a new, environmentally-responsible food presentation option for your business.

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