Don’t Forget the Instant Signs!

Don’t Forget the Instant Signs!

Signs, signs, signs! They’re such an important part of any retail establishment. As a matter of fact, most retailers spend a ton of time thinking about their signs including what color they should be, which font is best, and what they want the signs to convey.

Signs are a major expense but a necessary one.

Instant signs by Mills DisplayAnd then there’s those signs you might just forget about…so-called “instant” signs that will be used frequently to convey important messages such as directions, where the lift is located, when the floor is slippery, or what time the store opens or closes. These signs are essential though usually inexpensive and able to be used over and over again.

Here’s a list of instant signs that most retail establishments will require:

  • Conditions of entry – For example, “All bags are to be inspected before entry”
  • Shoplifting – For example, “Shoplifting is an offence, all shoplifters will be prosecuted”
  • Electronic surveillance signs – “We’re watching you!”
  • Wash your Hands – Necessary for a variety of establishments, especially restaurants
  • No smoking/Thank you for not smoking signs. These can feature just words or also a graphic.
  • No entry or employees/staff only signs
  • Open or closed signs of different sizes for windows and/or doors. You can also purchase signs that “flip”, with open on one side and closed on the other
  • “Back at….” signs, which feature a clock so you can indicate when you will return
  • Signs that indicate when a particular checkout lane is closed
  • Hours of business signs – These are usually changeable when necessary and can perhaps be written upon with an erasable marker
  • Entrance and exit signs
  • Danger! Slippery! (Wet floor, etc.)
  • Directional signs
  • “Sale” signs, including “Deal of the Day”, “Special Deal” or similar options

Instant signs are available in a variety of materials. Some are merely fashioned from cardboard or some other heavy-duty paper material. Others are made of plastic and others from metal. Consider the use of each sign, how much wear and tear it will endure, and choose the material that will best fit your needs.

Some signs will be changed out every once in a while, so for those, choose something less costly. But for signs such as “no smoking” a good quality sign made of a sturdy material will last for years to come.

You may find that you require additional instant signage for other uses. Make a list of those that are essential to your everyday business and share your needs with your shop fitter.

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