Good Shelf Management Makes Shopping a Breeze

Good Shelf Management Makes Shopping a Breeze

Just about every retail establishment uses shelving for one reason or another. Many stores have wall-to-wall shelves and use these structures for displaying just about everything they peddle. Others have just a shelf or two for small items.

shelf managementHowever, regardless of how many shelves you have in your shop and what kind they of display pieces they might be, you know that it’s essential to keep shelves organized and looking neat and tidy. After all, you wouldn’t dream of simply placing items on the shelves with no specific plan, leaving customers to fend for themselves when it comes to finding the items they hence.

Hence, you need to purchase various kinds of shelf organizers to literally keep products in line. Whether you’re trying to hang it, divide it, or push it, you – the shop owner – will need to invest in a selection of shelf management tools such as dividers, hooks, fences, pushers, and more.

Dividers are the most common type of shelf organizer though they certainly aren’t one size or style fits all. The selection of dividers available to retailers is huge, so you’ll need to consult with your shop fitter or designer to determine which are best for you and how many of each type you’ll need.

Dividers prevent unwanted movement and most are easily adapted to fit different-sized products. Many are interlocking while others are free standing. Some are made of heavy wire (often called fencing) and are especially sturdy and ideal for certain types of products.

Others are made of durable plastic. There are some that are manufactured to specifically fit the types of shelving you may have purchased and others that are adaptable to use with all kinds of shelving. Custom options are often available from certain vendors.

Pushers do exactly as the name suggests. They push the products to the front of the shelf so that they are easily reached and so that shelves always look uniform and rows of product always appear to be full. Pushers come in various sizes and strengths and are usually spring loaded.

They can be adapted to products of different shapes and sizes. Different lengths and heights are available and, often, pushers can be customized for unusual applications that may not be standard in size. Pushers are also made for refrigerators such as for use in the dairy case of a supermarket.

Hooks are ideal for small items and can be attached to various shelving options such as slatwall or pegboard. Display hooks are extremely diverse and come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Health and beauty stores, electronics stores, and supermarkets often make abundant use of hooks, especially for small products.

Hooks may be made of wire or plastic and some may include locks to deter thieves. Some hooks are “anti-sweep”, which means that products can only be removed from them one at a time. This prevents a “sweep” – the removal of multiple high-ticket items all at once. Anti-sweep hooks are essential for products that are often the target of shoplifters.

Chances are you may need all of the above rather than just one type of shelf management aid. Ask your shop fitter to help you determine what best fits your needs.

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