Gondola Shelving Boasts Many Uses

Gondola Shelving Boasts Many Uses

If you own a supermarket, a discount store, a pharmacy, or perhaps a health and beauty store, you obviously recognize that the most important display items you’ll need are shelving units. The average small to mid-size store displays hundreds upon hundreds of items on their shelves. In large stores, there are literally thousands of items to display, and each needs its own place in the proper department.

gondola shelvingOrderly display shelves are essential to good marketing. Your customer wants to be able to find their favorite item and find it quickly. They don’t want to be searching shelf after shelf for their preferred tube of lipstick, bar of soap, or can of green beans. So choosing the right shelving for your shop is quite important.

Gondola Shelving Units

Double-sided shop shelving, better known as “gondola shelving”, is a display product that you’ll spy at many stores. These shelves consist of a flat base and a perpendicular vertical component that includes pegboards or slatwalls. To these boards, the user can attach hooks, shelves, or any other kinds of display accessories. Unlike other types of shelving units, the shelves on a gondola are cantilevered rather than secured by posts on each corner.

Gondola shelving is usually arranged in long rows, similar to what you see at the supermarket (though you may not really even notice). Often, a one-sided perpendicular piece is situated at the end of each row, forming what retailers usually refer to as an “endcap”. Gondola shelving can be freestanding but the single sided variety can also sit against a wall.

Gondolas are all about versatility. The shop owner can purchase large numbers of these shelving units and arrange them in a way that best fits the size and shape of their store. They are easy to install and changes can be made with relative ease as well. In addition, both the bases and the pegboard/slatwall pieces come in a variety of sizes and heights, allowing the shop owner to choose different-sized units where appropriate. Often, the units and the corresponding shelves are available in different colors, though the most common are white or beige.

Gondola-style shelving is truly ideal for a wealth of different kinds of products. You can display just about anything on these shelves, from food items to clothing and everything in between. Furthermore, you can add accessories such as shelf dividers to keep the shelves of the gondola unit looking neat and orderly.

When ordering gondola shelving you need to consider a few questions:

  • What “deck” or base size do I need? Do I want them all to be the same or should I vary them according to products to be displayed?
  • What should be the length and height of each gondola shelving unit?
  • Do I need both “islands” and wall units? End caps? If so, how many of each?
  • How many shelves will I need per unit?
  • What color should they be?

Ask your shop fitter to recommend his favorite brands of gondola shelving and enlist your designer to help you determine the answers to the questions above.

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