Food Ticketing

Food Ticketing

Much goes into putting together a supermarket or any other sort of food store. After all, it’s a place that customers visit at least once a week – often more – so it’s important that you keep them coming back again and again. The store should always look its best and be easy to navigate, with proper displays that make the food look attractive and signage that allows customers to find things easily and quickly.

food ticketing shopFurthermore, prices should always be displayed clearly, and special events, like sales on particular items or groups of items, should be put forth in a clear manner as well. This all requires the use of a variety of food ticketing items, which includes everything from interchangeable plastic numbers to promotional signs, as well as all the accessories needed to display them properly.

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As you consult with your shop fitter in regards to displays for everything from dairy and produce to seafood and meats, consider what kind of food ticketing items will best suit your needs. Look for items that are reusable in order to reduce expenses.

food ticketing qualityPlastic numbers, for example, are needed by nearly every food market and are ideal for places where you wish to display prices prominently. Often, these are of the “push in” variety and they will adhere to signs placed on stands or attached to displays in some other manner. The numbers are usually available in a variety of colors and should be chosen in a hue that stands out from far away.

This way, they’ll attract customers’ attention and result in increased sales. Plastic numbers (and letters) can be used over and over and are durable and long-lasting.

Plastic tickets will be used in a variety of scenarios. Some are blank, which makes them totally customisable. It’s always a good idea to have some of those on hand. Others are made particularly to accommodate the push-in numbers and can be customized as well.

Some are printed with more specific goals in mind. For example, you may find a sign that lets customers know that a product is “made in” or “grown in” Australia. Other signs may be specific to certain departments, such as seafood, meats, fresh produce, or the bakery.

Still, others are designed to be more generic, perhaps featuring the words “special” or “sale”. They can be used just about anywhere in your store and, again, you should always have some of these on hand.

Also, be sure that you have purchased all the accessories that go with these food ticketing options, including clips, bases, extension rods, card holders, and more.

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Your fit out expert will know the ins and outs of food ticketing and can recommend an approximate number of each item, appropriate to the size of your store and your inventory.

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