Choosing Food Presentation Products for your Business

Choosing Food Presentation Products for your Business

It’s all about the presentation! You’ve probably heard that adage before. Food professionals maintain that you can take the most mundane, boring dish and – with the right presentation – make it as attractive as a fancy meal at a five-star restaurant. An attractive presentation whets the appetite and keeps customers coming back for more.

Food Presentation products - platterIf you’re involved with catering, run a deli, or perhaps are involved in the hospitality business – such as a hotel, purchasing the right food presentation products should be at the top of your list. You’ll need items that not only look good but also those that hold up to the wear and tear that naturally go along with your kind of business.

That means food presentation products should be both extra sturdy and attractive.

S.A.N bowls are a smart choice. These are made of an acrylic blend that can withstand a wide variety of temperatures from -12 degrees C to up to 93 degrees C. They are also BPA-free, which is important to many consumers. These bowls come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are super strong, ideal for deli service needs or for any kind of food presentation.

Many companies concerned with putting forth a suitable presentation, whether it be in a supermarket, restaurant, or hotel, choose melamine bowls, trays, and other items for their establishment. Melamine resin came on the scene in the 1950s and 1960s, a time during which it was widely used in colourful tableware.

Melamine food presentation items look like ceramic but are actually made of a sturdy plastic that withstands temperatures from -8 degrees C to 100 degrees C. That means they can be used in a wide variety of applications, including in refrigerator cases. Melamine pieces hold up very well and rarely look worn, even after years of use. Some of these bowls even include notched fronts so that you can easily attach a price tag.

Even more indestructible are trays and other items made of polycarbonate. Choose products made from premium quality polycarbonate and you’ll find that you’re able to use them over and over again. Even after a good deal of high traffic abuse, they emerge looking practically new.

Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 130 degrees C, polycarbonate trays will be a wise investment for your food presentation needs.

Food Presentation presentation containersDon’t forget about the other items you’ll need for an attractive presentation. In the deli area of your store or supermarket, for example, you’ll want to invest in risers/steps so that the food is kept at different levels for better visibility. These steps add dimension to your presentation and create eye-catching displays that prompt more sales.

As you shop for your food presentation needs, also remember to include small items such as spoons and tongs, which are essentially for a deli, food bar, or catering set-up. These might be made of some of the materials mentioned above and will vary in price accordingly.

Ask your fit out expert to recommend some of the items you’ll need for food presentation. An experienced shop fitter can confidently offer his/her knowledge about these products and offer information on the best ones for your business.

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