Consider a Variety for Food Presentation and Display

Consider a Variety for Food Presentation and Display

A good shop fitter can supply the complete gamut of items needed by businesses that deal with foods in one way or another, be it a supermarket, small grocer shop, deli, or any kind of restaurant.

Food Presentation RiserFrom supplies needed for food presentation to other items essential in food preparation, a fit out professional with a varied inventory can be your one-stop shop for all your food-related needs.

Food Presentation For Food Markets

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Supermarkets, as well as smaller food stores, should always be concerned as to how they are presenting their foodstuffs to the general public. No one wants to buy from a store that looks messy, with cans and packages poorly displayed and produce that looks like it’s been around for a while.

Hence, anyone opening such an establishment for the first time or renovating an existing market should be prepared to enlist a good portion on their budget on display items.

While it’s a given that you’ll need shelves and dividers for much of the store’s inventory, you’ll want to consult with your shop fitter about the types of shelves and accessories to suit your needs. In some cases, they might be quite standard but in other cases, you may want to add slanted shelves that allow products to move forward, or perhaps spring-loaded dividers.

You might need risers for you supermarket deli items or produce, baskets for rolls, clear cabinets for donuts and muffins, and even barrels for your pickles.

A well-stocked fit out company can also provide you with trays and pans for in-store salad bars and other similar displays, as well as all the utensils to go with it, such as serving spoons and forks, tongs, and more.

Food Presentation For Restaurants

Food Presentation TrayWhen it’s time to think about food presentation and preparation items you’ll need for your coffee shop, fast food spot, or sit-down restaurant, a quality shop fitter with a large inventory of products can assist you in gathering just about all you’ll need to get started…and then some.

While you may wish to purchase certain specialty items from a restaurant supply store or similar shop, it’s important to know that your shop fitter really can fill most of your prep and presentation needs.

Food presentation and preparation items available from your shop fitter might include products such as knives and chopping boards. Also look for bowls, pans, and trays, available in a wide variety of materials including both stainless steel and long-lasting melamine.

It you’re looking for something available at a lower cost, quality plastic preparation and presentation items are also available from your shopfitter, suitable for many uses.

Remember, your shop fitting team does more than design your space and fit out the large items and signage. Call 03 9794 1000

They can help you purchase items that range from serving spoons to salad bowls and everything in between. Purchasing everything at one time and in one location saves time and money! So, don’t forget the small details the next time you consult with your fit out professional.

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