The Supermarket Floral POS Display

The Supermarket Floral POS Display

Supermarkets don’t just sell food anymore. Look around your local supermarket and you’ll no doubt discover a myriad of items far outside the realm of the traditional food store. From aisles full of unique seasonal items to fully-stocked pharmacies dispensing prescriptions, supermarkets have come a long way in the last 20 years of so, adding so much to their stock that they’ve truly become a one-stop-shop for so many of your shopping needs.

floral pos displaySupermarket floral departments are quite large these days and now stretch far beyond the standard small bouquets of seasonal flowers or roses that one used to find in POS displays near the checkout areas. Now, supermarkets offer much larger floral POS displays and, in general, these markets have often become the go-to place for those searching for a quick arrangement for a variety of occasions.

A Good Floral POS Display Provides Inspiration

A floral POS display is designed for impulse buyers and, often, picking up some flowers for a loved one, ailing co-worker, or even for yourself, is a last minute idea. “Wow,” you think. “Those flowers would certainly brighten up my office” or “That bouquet of roses would look great on the table for our dinner party tonight” or “Zoe sure is having a tough day. I bet these would cheer her up!”

So how can you, the retailer, create a floral POS display that’s attractive to your customers and will prompt them to make a purchase? Well, it’s really all about not only choosing the right flowers but arranging them in a way that makes customers think “I really must have those.” Of course, you’ll need to keep them fresh as well!

There are a number of items you can use and will need for floral displays. A refrigerator will be a must-have for those flowers that must remain in a cool environment. Remember, however, that you can decorate the refrigerator inside and out so that it looks attractive.

You’ll also need containers that hold water in which you can place bouquets or individual flowers. Often, these are some sort of bucket-type containers but can certainly be more than just your standard plastic or metal variety.

Galvanized flower buckets for fresh cut bouquets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can really add a certain vibe to your POS display. For example, look for copper buckets with handles for a rather vintage look or shiny metallics or bright colors for a more contemporary appearance. Decorate them with ribbons or other accessories for a festive air.

It’s a good idea to also purchase stands, cabinets, tables, or other items that keep your flower buckets and arrangements off the floor and at different levels. Again, wooden stands are perfect for a very homey, vintage feel while other materials might present a different vibe. These items needn’t be expensive but purchase something sturdy that stands up to moisture as you’ll likely be using them over and over again and they’ll most likely get wet.

For more ideas about how to set up the floral POS display in your supermarket or in any shop, talk to your shop fit designer. He/she can draw up a plan that matches the environment of your store and one where your customers will love to stop and browse…and smell the roses!

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