Cool Urban Fitout Trends

Cool Urban Fitout Trends

If you own a shop in the city centre – in particular a clothing store – you may be thinking that you’d like to design your store so that it truly represents an urban vibe. Indeed, urban décor is in, but you don’t have to repeat what everyone else is doing if you have a shop fitting team that is clever and willing to help you create a city look that’s truly your own.

supermarket fitout trendsHow you fit out your store always depends a lot on your budget, of course, but the good news is that creating an urban environment often involves fixtures, accessories, and other pieces that aren’t terribly expensive. Consider some of these options:

Go Industrial

The city vibe is fairly minimalistic and many shop owners who want to present an urban look often choose industrial chic. That means exposed pipes and duct work in the ceilings and walls that aren’t elaborately painted or decorated with expensive (or expensive-looking) artwork.

Wooden floors are ideal for industrial chic and the more exposed brick you can have on your walls, the better. Light fixtures should be industrial as well, which means they’ll probably also be fairly reasonable in price.

When you choose industrial chic, you might also select metal display racks, hooks, and other such pieces for hanging your clothing, which are ideal for that urban look and are much less expensive than wood.


The other nice thing about choosing an urban décor is that you can repurpose a lot of items and they’ll fit in well with the design. Old window frames can hang on walls.

Doors – wooden or metal – can function as tables used for displaying clothing or accessories. Ladders can also be used for displays. (Just be sure they can’t be climbed by young customers!)

Old signs are great, too, including street signs or signs from old factories. Some can even function as wayfinding signs, such as those with arrows or directional signs printed with instructions such as “this way”.

Use metal bins or even old baskets for small items. Consider old oil barrels to make stools for a small seating area and turn metal buckets into planters for some indoor greens, which will add a little softness to the otherwise stark interior of an urban fit out.

Finding What You Need

As you ponder your urban look, you might be thinking that decorating doesn’t sound too difficult. But, until you get started and run into some roadblocks, it may not be so apparent as to why hiring a good shop fitter well versed in fitout trends is essential.

In general, a shop fitting company can be a one-stop-shop for you. An experienced shop fitting company that knows their industry well can find all the things you need, from those funky industrial light fixtures to display cases and shelves and even small pieces like wicker baskets, all at a better price, most likely.

As you meet with your designer for the first time, be specific about the ideas you have for your urban décor and let him/her lead you. Chances are a good designer can take your ideas, integrate them with his/hers, and come up with a plan that will be unique to your retail establishment.

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