Display Barrels, and Baskets: An Old-fashioned Look

Display Barrels, and Baskets: An Old-fashioned Look

Picture an old-fashioned general store, maybe something you’d find in the far reaches of the Outback or perhaps the American West. Can you see it? It probably includes an old weather-worn counter and an ancient cash register, a scarred wooden floor, and perhaps some shelves lined with cans, bags, and other unusual items. Chances are that pieces include display barrels, crates, wicker baskets, and other similar items.


pos display barrelsIf you like the rustic, old-fashioned look and want to duplicate at least some of that in your place of business, you can do that with the purchase of sturdy POS display barrels, baskets, and more, made from today’s more durable materials and likely to stand up to plenty of wear and tear and whatever it is you decide to put inside.

Barrels – They aren’t just for pickles anymore! Whether you own a food store, apparel shop, hardware store, or pharmacy, you can find some use for a barrel or two. In food stores, you’ll often find fruits and vegetables in these sturdy barrels while in the health and beauty industry you can use barrels to display just about any small item, from cosmetics to over-the-counter drugs to small seasonal items.

Display barrels are also great for point-of-sale areas as they are easy to move and can fit in a fairly small space, including near the check-out area.

Barrels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from traditional to both smaller and larger sizes. You can also choose barrels that sit directly on the floor or stand on legs, depending on your needs and space configurations. You can even find unique half-barrel displays that include 3 or 4 half-barrels on a stand.

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Baskets – In food stores, baskets are often used for bakery items like bread, rolls, and muffins. However, they needn’t be limited to holding those products. Baskets can be extremely useful throughout food stores and, like barrels, are ideal for a variety of small items.

Baskets also provide a vintage look for just about any retail establishment and can be used similarly to barrels, ideal for small items that you wish to display in an area where the customer can grab them while waiting on queue. But they’re ideal for more than POS items and can be positioned throughout your store wherever you see fit.

Baskets are also available in a huge variety of sizes and materials. No longer are you limited to wicker, which doesn’t always stand up to high traffic. Baskets are made of hearty wood or can be found in plastic as well, though they still look like traditional baskets.

They can be small enough to place on a counter or large enough to be free-standing. You can also choose basket “trees”, wooden structures that hold several small- to medium-sized baskets.

Crates – Similarly, crates add a rustic, old-fashioned look to your place of business and are available in a variety of styles. Some are all wood and some might include mesh or other materials as part of the design. Really sizeable crates can hold large products and are good for everything from fruits and vegetables to children’s toys.

Some even have lids. They’re durable yet easy to move from place to place.

Ask your shop fitter for more ideas as to how to use barrels, baskets, crates, and other old-fashioned items to give your store that vintage look.

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