Digital Signage and Queue Management: A Wise Pair

Digital Signage and Queue Management: A Wise Pair

If you own a store with large queues or lots of queues, you know that standing and waiting your turn or waiting for check-out is a shopper’s least favorite task. After all, standing on queue is boring. Sure, you can pull out your phone and read your email, Snapchat a friend, or play a few rounds of Candy Crush, but after a while, that gets tiresome as well.

Queue Management signageSo, as store owners, it’s become our job to keep customers who are used to always being engaged, well…engaged. And an excellent way to do that is to employ the use of digital signage as a tool for queue management.

Old-fashioned Queue Management

For the last several decades, the only really widely-used queue management tools were of the “take-a-number” format. While this format did indeed transition from hand-operated number units to digital screens, many stores and other establishments stopped there. They make no further use of digital signage and the only information customers receive is, basically, when it might be their turn to be served.

With so many options these days, those who go no further than the take-a-number sign aren’t using today’s modern digital signage to their full advantage, especially where queue management is concerned.

The Improvements

Simply put, the use of digital signage can take the customer experience to a new level.

First of all, you can provide relevant and useful information for your customers as they wait in line, no doubt bored and annoyed. However, if you’re providing them with something to “watch”, you’re not only making them happier but you’re also using your marketing dollars in a wiser way. After all, you have a captive audience and they’re eager to do anything but just stand or sit there…waiting.

If your guests are waiting at a customer service queue at a Department of Transport location, for example, you can provide them with informational instruction about the paperwork or forms they are filling out in anticipation of their turn.

This is ideal when you consider how many people reach their turn and have the wrong forms in hand, only to have to go back, fill out the right forms, and get in line again. Digital signage can also display messages in multiple languages, which is ideal in areas where more than one language is prevalent

Similarly, you can use digital signage to influence customer behavior. You might advertise special offers or services while customers are waiting on queue at your supermarket for example, prompting them to remember something they forgot or enticing to buy that item they always wanted to try – now that it’s on sale – sending them back down the aisles to search for those great deals. It’s a tactic that benefits both you – the owner – and the consumer.

The result?

Digital signage, through the use of information and instructions, can indeed speed up wait time and reduce the minutes and hours spent on queue. In addition, however, even if it doesn’t speed up wait time significantly, it does give the perception that wait time is reduced. Both of those factors make for happier customers as well as happier owners and staff.

Ask your signage expert how digital signage can benefit you and queue management for your retail store or other establishment.


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