Improving Sales Through Digital Signage Marketing

Improving Sales Through Digital Signage Marketing

If you’re a retailer, we’re sure you’ve already figured out (or everyone has told you) how important it is to have quality signage that not only looks good but also speaks to your customers. But perhaps you’re wondering whether you should stick with the old-fashioned printed signage or maybe make that foray into the exciting world of digital signs.

apple store digital signage marketingDigital signs really aren’t new. They began popping up with some regularity at least 10 years ago. However, when such signage first appeared, the price was pretty hefty. These days, however, the cost of digital signage has lessened significantly and it’s now much more affordable. (Just like other kinds of technology, prices for digital signage continue to tumble.)

Furthermore, the quality of these signs is much better than in the early years, thanks to things such as high definition screens that make pictures or video look like you’re right there in the midst of all the action.

That said, retailers are realizing that spending money on digital signage marketing results in a wonderful return on investment. In other words, customers love these cool signs and are eager to view them and/or interact with them.

Here’s a list of a few ways you can use digital signage in your retail operation:

Install touchscreen information displays – These are a good way to get started as they don’t need to be large or elaborate but certainly do aid in selling products. Because they’re touchscreen, customers can interact with them and are likely to stay longer at a particular product display if they are “playing” with the screen. These are great for accompanying kid’s products as you’ll engage both the child and the parent.

  • How-to content – Use small digital signage to help customers understand what a particular product can do or how to operate a product. (These don’t have to be touchscreen.) Product demonstrations via digital screens create excitement for the customer and help them visualize what they can accomplish with the product once they purchase it and take it home with them. Create your own guide or use one supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Big screen product promotion – If you want to go bigger and have the space and the budget, consider larger wall-mounted or overhead LCD screens that will really bring customers up-close and personal with the products you’re promoting. Remember, the products you promote can change fairly often once you have the screens in place, so these are a good all-around investment for featuring any number of products. You can even promote more than one product at a time.
  • Make a video wall – If you want to plunge into something really big, create a feature wall that includes several video screens. Make it a central attraction within the store and use it to highlight your promotions or perhaps a particular part of your business. The possibilities are many and you’ll no doubt have lots of eyes glued to the content. Use the screens in whatever way you think will best assist in building your retail business.

Ask your shop fitter for more information on digital signage marketing, including pricing and options.

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